Casting Gay, Lesbian and transgender people nationwide


“End Of The Rainbow”

CURRENTLY SEEKING- Senior and elderly Gay, Lesbian and transgendered people.
We are interested in interviewing subjects with interesting life stories and perspectives regarding their communities history and current situation in aging; politically, emotionally and physically. We seek to tell not only a historical story of what it was like to grow up gay in America in the past, but what it is like now. What’s it like to be older in a community that is based on youth and sex, and in a world where it’s still taboo to be yourself. Share your perspective and personal story to help others better understand what has happened in the past and what is currently taking place for gay, lesbian and transgendered elderly.
We are especially interested in individuals who were politically involved in gay history, are currently experiencing hardships due to aging/being an older community member, live in assisted living facilities or feel passionately about Elder gay rights.

Any perspectives on this subject would be helpful.

For more information, email Richard Lamanna at:

Please include:
-A short bio or A brief account of your person story if applicable
-Your age
-Where you are from
Casting Location: To be scheduled

Casting Location: Nationwide
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