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Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Ontario, CA

Gold Leaf Theatre Productions will be holding open auditions for:
Beau Jest by James Sherman
Sarah is a nice Jewish girl with a problem: her parents want her married to a nice Jewish boy. They have never met her boyfriend, a WASP executive named Chris Kringle. She tells t…hem she is dating a Jewish doctor and they insist on meeting him. She plans a dinner party and, over the heated protests of Chris, employs an escort service to send her a Jewish date to be Dr. Steinberg. Instead, they send Bob Schroeder, an aspiring actor who agrees to perform the impersonation. Happily, he is extremely convincing in the role and Sarah’s parents are enraptured. Soon, even Sarah falls for Bob (Special thanks to Samuel French).

January 2 at 7:15pm and January 4 at 7:15pm.

Please come prepared to do cold readings from the script.

See below for character descriptions:

Sarah Goldman: Late 20s. She wants nothing more than to please her parents in all areas of her life. She goes to extremes to trick them by making up a nice Jewish boyfriend.

Miriam Goldman: Mid 50s. Is the stereotypical overbearing Jewish mother. She wants what she thinks is best for her daughters. She believes that she can fix all of their problems if they would just listen to her.

Joeline Goldman: Early 30s. She is a psychologist and is known for “studying” even her parents and sister while in conversation. She is divorced with children. She pretends to placate her parents, but is obviously sarcastic about it.

Abe Goldman: Late 50s. He is a workaholic that loves his children, but is really being told what to do by his wife. Is constantly arguing with his wife about small trivial details.

Chris: Late 20s. He is Sarah’s first boyfriend whom her parents rejected because he is not Jewish. He tries to vie for Sarah’s affection even after she falls for Bob.

Bob: Late 20s. He is an actor that works as hired escort. Sarah hires him to be her fake “Jewish” boyfriend. He and Sarah fall for each other and problems ensue.

Casting Location: Ontario, CA
Contact email: info@goldleaftheatreproductions.com

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