South Carolina Casting Call / Auditions


Tout Talent in SC is holding an open casting call for the following

Character Breakdown
Big Bill:
Age: Early seventies
He is a retired Tire Store owner, and has lived his whole life working hard to support his family. Now, he has become very bitter towards his oldest son, and angry with his new daughter-In-Law, Heather. He is sarcastic, dry, and witty.

Age: Early sixties
She is the nucleus of the family. She loves her sons and husband, Big Bill, very much. Lately, her family has started to hate one another, and she wants this to cease immediately! She is traditional.

Age: Early twenties
She is very beautiful on the outside, and ugly underneath. She thinks she is the center of the universe. She uses her sex appeal to get what she wants from her husband and everybody else as well. She is manipulative and mean in a very innocent way.

Age: Early Twenties
She is a very sweet person that likes to drink beer. She is athletic, and must be able to throw a Frisbee well. She must be able to have a wide range of emotions, including crying. Also, she must be a believable drunk.

Age; Late thirties
He is a very overweight Samurai lover. He breathes very heavy, and loves to slurp and chug soda pop. Comic timing a must. Plus, he needs to be comfortable shirtless.

Age: from 25-38
A typical redneck. He is greasy, and un-bathed. He has been a park ranger for a while, and looks forward to using his tranquilizer gun on wildlife. He has poor education, and likes to spit.

Age: Early twenties
She is a Japanese hair dresser. She is athletic, and must be able to appear like she is an expert in martial arts. She comes across a little flighty, but make no mistake…she’s smart.

*Tripp, I don’t know how to phrase this one:
Age: 3-4
She is becoming the spitting image of her mother, Heather. She only has two lines, and one of them is the word, “F***.”

Age: 1-2
A little boy with no lines…of course.

Where: TouT Talent Agency
When: June 2 @ 7pm
Tout Talent
10 Resolute Lane
Mt. Pleasant, SC 2946

Tout Talent Agency

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