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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Nationwide
We are looking for a few actors that also want to be producers.

Meaning, we are looking to reverse engineer a few indie film projects based on your active participation..and your talent based on the following reality and you putting some skin in the game.

1. If you are serious about being an actor on a tv show or in film, doing commercials, industrials, or no-name indies that will never be seen will limit you to being a headshot and signing in at auditions.

2. If you get excited about being cast as a one liner in a locally made studio film or tv show and think thats going to catapult you to stardom, think again.

3. 99%.9% of working actors in leading roles in tv and film did not become successful by being a headshot or going to drama school and on-camera classes. They either wrote, directed, and starred in films as vehicles for themselves…or they were cast in some indie films that were sold at festivals, got distribution, and they were signed by real Hollywood agents and managers.

So what does that mean for you. Well, if you have deep pockets and access to money, you can put all of it on the table, write, direct, and star in your own film..but unless you are represented by a CAA, WME, UTA, or ICM, your film will NOT make it to Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, etc.

Or you can get involved by helping reverse engineering a film that you can be one of the leads in by putting some cash into it. A lot of people will cry foul and say how dare you charge actors. Well, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result so you can continue to be a headshot, listen to naysayers, or partner up with an established production company and filmmaker that will mold a project around your acting chops..and what you can afford to co-produce a film.

If you are a struggling actor who is making barely ends meet, this is not for you. So we need a certain level of affluent actor who sees reality, wants to step up to the table, perhaps is a trader, a doctor, recently sold some pre-IPO stock or his family company, is bored, and would rather be involved with co-financing and co-producing a film that you are also a co-star in vs,. wondering how the hell all these actors from australia, new zealand, UK, India are getting into Hollywood..and almost NO ONE really makes it big from Chicago.

So please emails us who you are, headshots, acting experience, what you do for a living (or if you are sitting on a trust fund), why this seems to be realistic to you, etc

Remember, we want to make sure you actually do have acting skills…because writing a check and then sucking on screen wont do you or the film any good.

Serious only

Casting Location: Nationwide
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