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Paradise House
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Auditions for the feature film “Paradise House” Will be held in Dallas, Tx. Saturday July 14, 2012 from 12pm – 4pm at 4411 Belmont Ave Dallas,75204. Please bring Headshot and resume *VERY IMPORTANT* ALL Female roles must be comfortable in 1950s style Lingerie

Gator (supporting) 40-50 years. African American Plus size man. Juke joint owner of “Gators Place”. He is Lula May’s go to man and dear friend. He sends customers to the brothel.

Monroe C. Stevenson III (supporting) 40-50 years. African American. A smooth talking former womanizer and Lula Mays ex husband. He has turned his life around and wants to rekindle his relationship with Lula May. *Think Billy D. Williams*

Lucy (supporting) 35-40 years. African American. A prostitute at Paradise House. She is attractive and always ready, willing and able to welcome her customers with open legs! *Think Lela Rashons character “Sunshine” in Harlem Nights*.

Henry Lee Parsons (Supporting) 40-50 years. African American. Attractive man who is the owner of Parsons Grocery Store and a regular customer of Lula May’s. He is a handsome, well dressed man who enjoys his frequent visits to Paradise House.

Walter (Featured) 45-50 years. African American male. A frequent customer of Paradise House. He, like all the other customers, thoroughly enjoys his visits to the Brothel, but he breaks the golden rule!!

Biscuit (Featured) 45-50 years. African American male. A rather large, grizzly man who is a first time customer of Paradise House. He looks at the women more like dinner than hussys!

Frank (Featured) 45-50 years. African American male. A frequent customer of the brothel. He would rather spend all his time at the brothel than go home to his wife.

Albany Jenkins (Featured) 45-50 years. African American male. A large, grizzly man who wants his world rocked by the fine staff of Paradise House. He has a laundry list full of health problems but manages to hit the jackpot!

Johnny Ray (Featured) 45-50 years. Caucasian male. A white man who visits the “coloreds only” brothel and puts his life on the line to get a taste of a chocolate woman!

Young Lula May (Featured) 8-10 years old African American girl.

Sadie Jackson (Featured) 27-30 years. African American woman. She is Lula Mays mother. She is a loving, attractive mother who tries to make a better life for herself and her daughter, and is sold to a drug dealer by her father.

Otis Jackson (Featured) 45-50 years. African American male. Sadies father. He is a very bitter drug addict, who sells his daughter and granddaughter to support his drug habit.

Solomon (Supporting) 25-30 years. African American male. A drug trafficking gangsterb who will hurt anyone who owes him money, but he can’t resist a pretty lady.

Harlots (featured extras) 55-70 years.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Dallas,Tx
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