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By | November 21, 2012

Reality Show Auditions

location: Atlanta, GA

Category: Reality TV

We are looking for 6 sexy female exotic dancers currently working at strip clubs around the Metro Atlanta area. We will follow you, document your lives, and edit together and air a short (7 episode) reality series. The 6 types of girls that we need are as follows:

An exotic dancer that sort-of comes and goes as they please at work; typically will skip a shift if they feel like it, but if rent is due, they will hurry in to work, make everything they need to cover rent, and still have a few extra bucks in case they don\’t go to work the next day.

Two exotic dancers who are students; one must have already been a student for at least a semester before going into the exotic dance industry, and the other must have already been an exotic dancer for at least one year before deciding to go to school.

An exotic dancer that dances for a living; taking 5 shifts per week as is typical in most any job industry.

An exotic dancer that has a professional day job (preferably one in which a degree and/or a certification must be acquired prior to operating professionally within that industry) and dances a few nights a week as a second, or part time, job.

An exotic dancer that is a jill of all trades; any time she is not dancing to make money, she is doing some other thing to make or increase her money. It is not rare that she would take extra money from tipping and invest it into the opening or operations of multiple other money making ventures simultaneously.

Job type: Other

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