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By | November 21, 2012

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location: San Francisco, CA

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An upcoming independent feature, a US/Japan co-production, seeks actors for several principal roles. The story is a classic noir murder mystery. Filming will take place in the San Francisco/Bay Area approximately Jan 20 – Feb 15. Non-union, $100/day for all roles. Auditions will be held on Saturday, December 8, 2012 in downtown San Francisco. Please review the brief descriptions of the roles below, and if interested, email with your headshot and resume, and the role(s) you’d like to audition for.

The Bald Man
Male, Caucasian, 35-55
An intelligent henchman of an operation. Creepy and sleazy, but can turn on the charm.

Male, Caucasian or Hispanic, 35 – 55
A goon that works with the Bald Man. A big, imposing lug with cro-magnon features.

Nosy Neighbor
Male, Asian, 50 – 70
A nosy Asian man in his 60s. Looks and sounds crazy, borderline homeless.

Prison Guard
Male, any ethnicity, 20 – 40
Big, burly man.

Long-haired Man
Male, Asian, 25 – 40
A long-haired Japanese, crazy photographer. Needs to be able to speak native-level Japanese.

Room Service Guy
Male, Caucasian, 21 – 35
Creepy room service guy.

Body Double 1
Male, Hispanic, 60 – 70
Body double for a late 60s Hispanic man, average build.

Body Double 2
Male, Asian, 30 – 45
Body double for a 40s Japanese man, average build, somewhat stocky.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: San Francisco, CA
Contact email:

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