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Calling all monsters, freaks and weirdos.

We are beginning the process of finding some AWESOME actors, actresses and talented artists who will be available to help make this movie in and around Atlanta this FALL. This is a NO to low budget production so candidates will be unpaid, but will have a GREAT time and make a great film!

Email head shots, website and or bio to Let us know why you think your the kind of dude, or dudet that can save the world from hell’s ONSLAUGHT.

We are currently casting for:

Tyler – Lead dude – 18-30. Caucasion Male
Heavier side (Jack Black, Seth Rogan, Tyler Labine) slacker, fast talking, sense of humor, out for a good time but always manages to screw things up.

Rick – Another lead dude – 18-30. Any Ethnicity Male
Thin & lean, (Rick Gonzalez) nice guy, not as outgoing, always cleaning up Tyler’s messes, it doesn’t mean he still can’t kick ass.

Kirsten – Leading Lady – 18-30. Caucasian Blonde Female (Rick’s Love Interest)
Attractive, Lean & Athletic, Soft Spoken, Ditzy, Homebody…out for a night on the town wearing lowcut tight dress or halter & short skirt

Lizzie – Leading Lady – 18-30. Caucasian Dark Haired Female (Tyler’s Love Interest)
Attractive, Lean & Athletic, Outgoing, Loud, Dance on the table type of girl with purple or pink streaks in her hair out on the town w/ BFF wearing tight fitting clothing

Bartender – 25-35 – Any Ethnicity Male
Muscular Bad A$$ that has a quiet demeanor, knows whats going on around him at all times & can kick some Demon A$$

Lester – Town Drunk – 35-50 – Any Ethnicity Male
Looks like he has had a rough life, longer stringy hair, unshaven, reluctant to save the world but he knows what he must do

Mustache Man – 21-50 – Any Ethnicity Male
Intimidating fellow, Tattoos a plus, but not a must…with a cool mustache

Bar Patrons – 21-50 – Any Ethnicity Male or Female
Tattoos a plus, but not a must.

Ted – Shift Leader- 23-40 – Any Ethnicity Male
anxiety ridden, kiss a$$, wants to be employee of the month every month

Maria – Assistant Manager – 18-25 – Hispanic or Asian Female
Ted’s Boss, this job is only a paycheck not her career choice, sassy, unenthused by Ted

Green Eyed Demon – 18-35 – Any Ethnicity Male
Muscular, Angry, Intense, will bring about the end of the world if you let him.

Underbite Demon – 18-35 – Any Ethnicity Male
Green Eyed Demon’s Henchman, not to smart but will eat your soul if you are not careful

Crawly Demons – 18-35 – Any Ethnicity Male or Female (Need more than 1)
Hell’s oldest creatures, only want one thing, to eat your blood & flesh and are after your soul

Demon Extras – 18-35 – Any Ethnicity Male or Female
Hell’s Minions, out for torturing the human race

Julie – Reporter – 25-40 – Any Ethnicity Female
Someone with a good voice, reporting the news is their life (Gail Weathers from Scream)

Russ – Anchor Man – 30-45 – Any Ethnicity Male
Smug, ladies man with a great cheesy smile, he will report the news if you let him

Motel Desk Clerk – 30 + – Caucasian Male
Running this motel is his life

Sara – Little Girl on Big Wheel – 7-10 Caucasion Female
sassy attitude, no reguard for authority or listening to adults

Extras/Town’s People – All Ages – Any Ethnicity
Running, Screaming, Trying not to get eaten or die

PLEASE email to find out Casting Call Locations. If you can not make it, you can submit a video audition, bio, head shots & we can go from there.

No experience needed. Thanks for reading, I am VERY excited about this project and please check us out on kickstarter, as well as facebook and twitter @notyoursatan.

-Deadhead Films

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Atlanta, GA
Contact email:

One thought on “Atlanta – Hell Hole The Movie Now Casting

  1. Twaneshia

    I’m not Beyonce or Chris brown signing up for something I know I might never get, but it’s worth a shot. I’m 15 years old and being in any part of this movie would make me the happiest person on Earth. You don’t have to read it and I Didn’t have to write it, But Don’t knock it to you try it right ? 🙂 Thanks…


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