Audition for student film in San Francisco

Auditions for Student Film – Leads- Need 2 african American female actors
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location: San Francisco, CA

Category: Student Films

Auditioning for lead roles in my Student Short Film project, Just for the Weekend

AUDITION NOVEMBER 14TH, 4PM to 6PM at 466 Townsend, San Francisco, CA at the Academy of Art building.

The film is about a college student, Michele, who is being visted one weekend by her half-sister, Alexandra, who she barely knows.
She wants to be close to her sister but it’s hard when they’re exact opposites.

Michele – African American, Short, small, early 20s but looks younger, shy, quiet

Alexandra – African American, Tall, Skinny, late teens but looks older, very outgoing

Production days will be between November 26 and December 1st.
Possible re-shoots during the 1st week of December
I plan to shoot everything in 1 or 2 nights during these weeks.
I’m only shooting a scene from the entire script.

Actors will receive DVD with project on it. There will also be food.

Please Contact me through email so I can schedule you in for a time and send sides.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: San Francisco, CA
Contact email:

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