Auditions for Teens, Pre-teens and adult roles “Finding Faith” with Erik Estrada


Movie auditions 2012 – variety of roles – Auditions for kids, pre-teens and teens

The upcoming movie “Finding Faith” is now seeking cast and crew. “Finding Faith” will be holding casting calls this week, you can see the schedule below and will be filming in Virginia later this spring.

“Finding Faith” is a bout Faith Garrett, a teen girl who gets abducted. Faith falls victim to an online predator and the project will promote ‘safe surfing’. The movie is about a family that is torn apart by the events that happened to Faith and is based on a true story. The movie will be filmed in central Virginia and will be released in movie theaters in November 2012.

The movie is casting leading roles, supporting roles and extras. They are seeking as much local talent as possible and auditions for the movie will be held in Bedford.

An open casting call for the crew and cast for the film “Finding Faith” is scheduled for this week. “Finding Faith” stars Eric Estrada and will be produced with The Sheriff of Bedford County, Michael Brown.

seeking the following roles:

Saturday April 28 – 9:00AM

FEMALE – casting 9 girls ages 10 to 16

Please memorize this (Faith) line to audition: “I never knew my life would be any different. I was a sophomore in high school and the biggest problem I faced was whether or not I had time to be with my friends, family and my time on the Internet. My name is Faith Garrett, I am 15 years old. I once was lost….this is the story of how I was found. ”

Also have a monologue prepared

MALE – Ages 9-14
11:00AM for role of Samuel Garrett, Jr

Please memorize this line for the audition: (Sam Jr. saying grace over the family dinner)

“Dear heavenly Father. Thanks you for this day and this meal you have prepared for us. Amen! Oh, yeah, please let us win tomorrow night. My Dad is gonna be the best coach ever.”

A head shot and resume/portfolio is required.
Children under 18 must have a parents signed consent form.

Audition Location:

There may be other roles available, please email the production company below for more info

For more role information please visit the movies site

4 thoughts on “Auditions for Teens, Pre-teens and adult roles “Finding Faith” with Erik Estrada

  1. Raaya cummings

    Is it too late for this. And are these auditions only in virginia, I live in Ohio?

  2. Azaria

    hi my name is Azaria and im ready to be on a reality tv show.

  3. Elizabeth Faith Elliott

    Um , Hi is it to late to Audition? I live in Louisiana and I was wondering if it was to late. I’m 11 years old . I have dark brown hair hazel eyes and I really want to try out the acting business.

  4. Tracee Candia

    I really wish I would have seen this in time. My daughter is really interested in acting. Please keep me posted if you are doing something else.


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