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Instruction to Audition for Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva

?Read the character breakdown and select the role you desire to audition for, and then follow the instructions.

?Send an email to with the role you desire, including resume and headshot within 24 hours you will receive an email with (audition instructions, location and slot time).

?Audition date is November 11, 2012 (Sunday)

?Each person will have three minute to make an impression!

?All actors must sing/act, no exceptions!

?All dancers must be trained dancers (ages 21-27).


Book Your Audition For Towonda Kilpatrick’s

New Musical Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva six week tour Spring 2013


See roles and character breakdown:

The Diva
Freda Edwards (age 35 to 40) An obsessed, jealous, narcissistic superficial diva. Lives by designer labels not by bankrupt love of her fourth husband. She’s a diva waiting to perform in Paris.

The Ordinary Woman
Lexi Montana (age 25 to 30, must speak spanish) Latina housekeeper that dances and sings. Undercover perky personality; a princess.

The Cheezecake Boiz
Davis Knight (age 38 to 45) The slice of Cheezecake Boi that serves as the Producer. He is charming and his voice will make you excited about being a woman. He will make you a star; he’s the one to negotiate your next big deal.

Jango Van (age 30 to 36) The slice of Cheezecake Boi that is whimsical and spontaneous; razzle dazzles you with trendy style. He’s truly the accessory piece to a diva.

Carter Reed (age 30 to 36) The slice of Cheezecake Boi with a touch of edge to Escort you. Edgy thoughts on advising a diva on submitting to her man in four inch heels with her mouth shut. Has very quick wit.

Justin Dean (age 23 to 26) The slice of Cheezecake Boi that is a marketing genius. Takes away the negative, giving you positive; he will brand, promote and make people want to be you. Process a dry sense of humor; in love with self.

The Husband
Jaxon Edwards (age 40 to 45) Aspiring screenwriter that continuously receives rejection letters from Hollywood regarding his scripts. Meanwhile, he works at a pet grooming salon. Gets fired, divorce papers, and evicted from penthouse by Freda.

The Director
Sir Theo Charles (age 40 to 45) The colorful American that resides in Paris, France. Seeks to find his leading lady to star in his debut directorial musical ‘Divas in Paris ‘. He’s uncouth and his awkward ways are humorous.

Josephine Baker Girls
The Josephine Baker Girls (age 21 to 27) A trio of sexy, glamorous Black girls who sing like the late Josephine Baker. Fashion-forward; vintage divas.

The Girl/Boy Friday Dancers
(age 25 to 30) The Sizzling Dancers six sexy dancers sashay on the dance floor to engage in story telling with exotic and classic dances.

In House Boy Friday
The Boy Friday (age 21 to 23) The Cheezecake Boiz Agency gopher boy; a sexy male on roller skates who cleans and takes care of the chores at the Agency.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Atlanta, Ga
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