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location: Minneapolis, MN

Category: Student Films

Actors wanted for short student film entitled A Hustla’s Tale.

All roles are non-paid, but food, credit, and a copy of the final product will be given.

Auditions will be held Wednesday October 24 6pm-9pm and Saturday October 27 10am-2pm. Email me if you are interested with your name, contact information, what character you will be auditioning for, and what days, as well as times works for you.
I will email you back with a confirmed time slot and the address of the location in downtown Minneapolis, MN

Synopsis: A Hustla’s Tale is about a young man named Jonnie who is addicted to fast money, getting it anyway that he can, which leads him to dealing drugs. After coming across a rogue addict named Willie, Jonnie soon finds himself in jail, contemplating his life decisions, now realizing that it is now too late to change.

Main Characters
Jonnie: African American male; age range 17-25
Jonnie is a young African American male in his late teens/early twenties who is addicted to a fast and flashy lifestyle of a drug dealer. Jonnie is a tall individual, standing at 6’5” and exudes confidence in the way he walks, cockiness in the way he talks, and the fear of no one.
(Note: 6’5″ is the preference height, but casting is opened to all)

Willie T. Gee: African American male; age range 40-55
Willie is an ex-drug dealer turned addict, willing to do anything for his next high. He likes to believe that he is still the slick and sly guy he used to be, but fails to realize that he is nothing more than a washed up has-been. Always in need of drugs to escape his failures, Willie lets a pair of undercover officers talk him into setting up a local drug dealer in exchange for a week’s worth of drugs. Willie is a fast talker and often tries to talk around his words, something most people catch until long after he’s gone and he’s got what he wanted.

Narrator: African American male; age range 35-45
The Narrator has a major speaking role. He has a very deep baritone and is not on camera.

Undercover Police Officer #1: Any ethnicity; age range 25-35
Undercover Police Officer #1 is new to the force and is sometimes too overconfident and cocky in his skills and abilities. Eager to prove himself, he will be the one to set up the drug bust, as well as the arresting officer. As an undercover his personality doesn’t change that much, with the only thing changing is that he comes off as ruthless and uncaring for others.

Undercover Police Officer #2: Any ethnicity; age range 35-45
Undercover Police Officer #2 is a by the rule book kind of guy and it shows up in his work as an officer of the law. Of the two officers he is the oldest, and because of this, he can be very bossy at times. As an undercover he is cool, slick, and adapt to any given situation fairly quick.

Supporting Characters (small roles in order of appearance)
Man #1: African American Male; age range 25-45
Older Lady: African American Female; age range 35-45
Kid #1: African American Male; age range 9-12 (small speaking role)
Kid #2: African American Male; age range 9-12
Man #2: African American Male; age range 20-35 (small speaking role)

Other characters
Looking for about 5-10 Extras (African American preferred) age range 20-45

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Minneapolis, MN
Contact email:

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