Casting Call “Keep On Trucking: Hours of Service” short film – NYC

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location: New York City

Category: Other Projects

Strata Iris Productions presents

“Keep On Trucking” – A series of Instructional Short Films

Episode 1: “Hours of Service”

Synopsis: 23 year old Declan has returned home to take up his father’s profession, truck driving, as a means of escaping his mounting student loan debt; but first he must prove to Charlie that he can handle the work load by studying the “hours of service” regulations.

Charlie Wilson (Early 50’s) Pot-bellied truck driver; caring father
Mary Ann Wilson (Latte 40’s, early 50’s) Seasonal assistant at shipping company; strict, caring housewife and mother
Declan Wilson (19-25) Happy-go-lucky son, newly dedicated to truck driving career
Beth Wilson (15-17) Aspiring singer, dancer, actress; somewhat loopy daughter
Billy Wilson (6-8) Super-smart, articulate, truck-loving boy, knows as much about trucking regulations as his father

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: New York City
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