Casting for a Zombie Movie

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Pimps Vs. Zombies Short-Film Casting Call!

Genre: Improv Comedy
Producers: AnnMarie Parker
Director: Jonathan Keaton
Cinematography: Ron Rehana

Pimps vs. Zombies is from the comedic minds of the nationally known improv group Pimprov. Who else would give you hot zombies, a 1970 Buick Electra, Gorilla Slap Gauntlets, The Scepter of Pimpitude, The Bottomless cup of Cognac and a Bat.

See what happens when pimps on their way to a Playas Ball run out of gas right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. It’s rumored that a legendary Mac has magical pimp items stowed away in a hideout. I wonder if they’ll find it.

So you want to be in a zombie movie? Well your chance has arrived. The producers of the Pimps vs. Zombies web series have announced an open casting call for the upcoming second short-film in the series staring the men of Pimprov. Now while we at the Kicking Penguins would be pleased if undead actors got a chance at bigger roles this is an excellent chance for an emerging zombie actor to get some exposure and experience in a major motion picture.

Zombies aged between 18 and up have been asked to simply “Click The Link Below” and Sign-Up for the filming set to run October 6th and 7th at a “to be determined” location.

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  1. jacob holt

    hi… I am Jacob Holt. I am 18 with a huge personality. I am an actor looking for his next role. please email me regarding other info. thank you.

  2. Leslie

    I am 16 years old and I am interested in playing in one of the roles

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