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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Birmingham, AL

We are searching for talented, dedicated individuals with a passion for the arts in the Cullman/Birmingham area. Casting for Trail of Blood, a web series, will begin on March 31 and end in April. We will hold readings at the Cullman Civic Center off Main Avenue. There are acting opportunities for men and women of all ages. We will begin shooting this summer in locations across Alabama.

Set in the future, a race of vampires has been outlawed and driven into seclusion by humans. We follow a young vampire, called Shane, who is threatened and forced to leave his home after the death of his parents. Without his father’s protection, he is in danger unless he can find somewhere safe in the world that despises him. In fragile hope for this safe place, he sets out on his own.


Shane – male, 18-25
Our lead role, Shane is mostly a quiet and hard character. He should appear ragged, but capable; he is a hunter and traveler.

Osha – female, 16-25
Osha is very confident and bright. She is said to be seventeen, so the actress who portrays her should look young.

Felix – male, 25-30
Felix is one of the young leaders in the rebellion. He is creative, smart, and often funny. He should appear very athletic.

Cassida – female, 25-30 (speaking role)

Liam – male, 16-25 (speaking role)

Charlotte – female, 16-25 (speaking role)

Bounty Hunter – male, 40-50 (speaking role)

Demon Hunters – strong men and women, 16-30 (some speaking roles)

Townspeople – men, women, and children of all ages (some speaking roles)
Claudius – male, 30-40
Taylor – male, 25-35
Damian – male, 16-20
Orphans – boys and girls, 8-14
Cashiers – men or women 25-30

We cannot offer compensation other than food and experience at this time.

Rogue Idea Productions

Casting Location: Birmingham, AL
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