Charlotte NC Theater – African American Actors Wanted


location: Charlotte, NC

Category: Theater

Seeking 3 African-American Actresses and 2 African-American Males who like to expand their resume’s and gain acting experience for upcoming play showcase featuring different one-act plays in Charlotte, NC. Casting October 22nd-26th. Please email for further info, audition time, location, etc.

Available roles:

Vivian: 40-50+, family matriarch, feisty,
friendly, feminine and strong

Jade: 20s-30s, confident, sexy, ambitious, seductive, conniving

Kat: 20s-30s, attractive in a non-threatening way, loyal, spiritual, soft-spoken

Miguel: 35-40, family man, jokester, friendly, helpful, deeply in love with his wife, assertive

Craig: 30-40, handsome, professional psychologist, spiritually-conflicted, assertive, quietly temperamental

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Charlotte, NC
Contact email:

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