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“You Rascal, You” Musical Film
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location: Grand Rapids, MI

Category: Student Films

“You Rascal, You” is a Grand Valley State University sponsored full length musical film, written by Christina and Stephanie Choriatis. Looking for actors/actresses available for production in 2013 on January 18-21st, 25-27th, February 2-3, and March 22-24.

Project Description:
The story is about a young boy Aiden who aspires to become a jazz trumpet player, and ends up learning lessons from a local jazz club musician, Bud. The tale involves their friendship and how the two of them overcome their internal problems of the past through love of music.

Audition dates and locations:
October 30th, 6pm-9pm. Grand Valley State University Kirkhof Center Room 2270
November 2nd, 5:30pm- 9pm. Grand Valley State University Kirkhof Center Room 2259
November 3rd, 12pm-3pm. Grand Valley State University Pew Campus, Devos Center Room 302E

Roles to be cast:
Aiden (male, Caucasian, ages 9-11): Lead role. A young boy wise beyond his years dreams to be a jazz trumpet player in order to connect with his absent mother. Develops strong friendship with local jazz musician (Bud).

Bud (Male, African-American, mid 20’s-40): Lead role. Local jazz trumpet player who struggles to overcome the death of his younger brother. By mentoring and befriending Aiden, he overcomes a lifetime of sorrow. Sweet, charming, and has a million dollar smile.

Calvin (Male, Caucasian, late 30’s-early 40s): Supporting role. Aiden’s father who prevents his son from achieving his dreams. Can be controlling but mostly still in suffers from his wife leaving.

Loretta (Female, African-American, mid 20s—early 30s): Supporting role. Talented jazz singer who works with Bud at the club. Romantic interest with Bud and sang with Aiden’s mother in the past. Smart, beautiful, and sweet.

Scott (Male, Caucasian, 30’s-50s): Small role. Jazz musician at club where Bud and Loretta work. Jolly and likes to know everyone’s business.

Noelle (Female, Caucasian, mid 20s-30s): Aiden’s free spirited mother. Jazz singer. (This is not a role, only need model for record covers, photographs, posters, etc.)

Extras needed for Gospel choir, church members, jazz band members, jazz club attendees.

If interested in auditioning, please send an email to Please provide headshot and resume.

*No compensation for project. Food and drinks will be provided on set for talent*

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Contact email:

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