Feature Film Augusta Georgia & South Carolina


Virginia – Feature Film
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Augusta, GA
Casting the following roles for the feature length indie thriller VIRGINIA:

John – (caucasian, late 30’s – mid 40’s) fit, fairly clean cut, firefighter
Lionel – (caucasian, late 30’s – mid 40’s) medium to long hair preferred, drug dealer
Matt “Motormouth” – (caucasian, late 30’s – mid 40’s) the salesman, professional liar
Bobby – (40’s – 60’s, flexible on the age/ethnicity) bartender
Nick – (20’s) clean cut but listens to punk, DNA lab rat
Juliet – (20’s) pale, attractive in her own way, DNA lab rat

Offering $50/day. Each actor should not be needed for more than 1 to 5 days of shooting, depending on role. Credit, DVD screener, and meals will be provided.

Production begins the first weekend of May and will be shot in and around Edgefield, SC, Columbia, SC and Augusta, GA.

Audition location and date/time TBD based on response.

More info: http://www.facebook.com/thevirginiamovie

The writer, director, and crew have won awards at Amazon Studios for various projects. The original script was a finalist at Shriekfest in LA. It’s our goal to premiere the movie there, as well, this year, enter other festivals, and seek distribution. Most of all, we aim to make a great movie.

Casting Location: Augusta, GA
Contact email: Audition closed

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