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Kill, Granny, Kill!
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location: Winter Park, FL

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CASTING CALL for Feature Horror Film, tentatively titled, “Granny’s Keeper,” with already secured distribution from Alternative Cinemas and Camp Motion Pictures, a Tuckywood Productions/Silver Chain Films production.

This is a non-union production. Gas, food, and lodging will be covered, as well as a copy of the finished film and credit on imdb.

This film will be shot in and around Orlando Florida with shoot dates running from March, 29, 2013-April 9th, 2013.

Auditions will be held at:

BUILDING 3F in the casting Lobby.
351 University Park Drive,
Winter Park, FL. 32792
January 19, 2013. 1 pm to 9 pm

Please send Headshots and Resumes to Joshua R. Acosta @

Attending the open auditions are preferable, but if you live a great distance away you can submit electronically via youtube or email.

You may request sides for the taped auditions @ kgkmovie@gmail.com

If you have any questions feel free to email kgkmovie@gmail.com or call.. Leave a message with your name, phone number and reason for your call to
Gregory W. Brock

We will respond to your questions in the order they were received.

A young college graduate from nursing school takes a job looking after an elderly woman. Little does she know that this sweet old lady, who prides herself with family values and making sure her children and grandchildren are taken care of lies something much darker and sinister; from which she has kept hidden from even her own children.

MILDRED MAYS, (late 50’s-early 60’s) is the typical grandmother who prides herself with family values and making sure her children and grandchildren are taken care of. But what’s behind this sweet innocent grandmother lies something much darker and sinister that she has kept hidden from even her own children.

JACE MAYS, (late teens, early twenties,) A sociopathic terror, muscular build, Mildred’s grandson, her right hand man that assists her in cleanup and lifting heavy bodies.

ABBY DOUGLAS, FEMALE, 20’s. (NOTE: nudity required-topless) just recently graduated from the local community college as a nurse’s aid, is employed at a local medical center sits at her desk searching the internet.

ANNA DOUGLAS, FEMALE, (18 or older but must look teens), Abby’s younger sister, getting ready to start college.

ROBIN LEWIS, (late teens, early twenties,) Jace’s girlfriend, a young attractive girl, unaware of her boyfriend’s sinister acts

DANIEL, (20’s,) Abby’s boyfriend, lives life on the edge, very carefree and is always trying to convince Abby to break the rules.

LIEUTENANT TEDDY BARNES, (mid-forties,) has been on the force since he was in his twenties, takes pride in his position.

DETECTIVE ROBERT JONES, (30’s), new to the force, is always completing research to try and track down missing persons.

DETECTIVE GREGORY MOORE, (30’s), more of a slacker, takes his job seriously but is more sloppy and careless with his research.

DAVID WETZEL, MALE, 30’s, a stock broker from the north, husband of Beth. Wetzel.

BETH WETZEL, FEMALE, 20’s, stays at home living the good life while her husband brings home the dough.

PASTOR DAVIS, MALE, 40’s to 50’s, Pastor of the local church, tight knit with the congregation.

WILLARD, MALE, 60’s, Mildred’s husband, passed away, but Mildred keeps him maintained.

BLAKE, MALE, (18 or older but must look teens), son of store owner, grocery bagger at the local food mart.

DOBLE ROSE, (40’s), homeless man down on his luck, moves around from town to town trying to find work. Has been forced to panhandle for survival.

MARCY EVANS, (late teens) head cheerleader, has always went after Mildred’s boyfriends and seems to be in competition with everything Mildred says or does.

YOUNG MILDRED, FEMALE, (NOTE: nudity required-Topless)18 or older but must look teens

YOUNG WILLARD, MALE, 18 or older but must look teens

JOEY MAYS, (40’s,) Mildred’s youngest son, unaware of his mother’s dark secret.

DAMIEN MAYS, (pre-adolescent), Joey and Janice’s young son.

JANICE MAYS, (late 30’s) Joey’s wife, unaware of her mother in law’s dark secret.

JOSS MAYS, (50’s,) Mildred’s oldest son, Jace’s father, unaware of his mother’s and son’s dark secret.

DEBBIE MAYS (late 40’s.) Joss’s wife, Jace’s mother, unaware of her mother in law’s and her son’s dark secret.

LILLIE MAYS, (mid-teens) Jace’s sister, unaware of her grandmother and brother’s dark secret.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Winter Park, FL
Contact email: kgkmovie@gmail.com

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