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A Murder Most Cold
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location: Newark, DE

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“A Murder Most Cold” is set in a all too near future where androids work side by side with humans. One of these androids has been raped and murdered, but the killers have gone free, and now a fellow android is out to avenge the death of her “sister.” She hires a hit man to help her track down the thugs but as the journey goes on it becomes clear that her hired gun is less human than she is and perhaps even as twisted as the killers they’re hunting.

The film will be shot in black and white, film-noir style.
While there will be lots of action and suspense the plan is to try and create a 50s B-Movie atmosphere so as to focus on the story, characters and ideas rather than get caught up with special effects. Several parts have already been cast and shooting will begin mid October in the Newark and Wilmington DE area. The film will be shot entirely with Canon DSLRS (T2i, T3i and 60D).

Actors interested in auditioning submit your head shot and resume to While some roles have been cast already there are still quite a few open. We also need assorted extras and stuntmen.

Any one interested in working crew or helping to finance the project shoot me an e-mail at (crew members please include a resume with e-mail).

Even if you don’t want to audition or work crew, please spread the word to anyone you know that might be interested.

The film will be cast by 10/13/12 so if you are planning to audition get your resume in soon!

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Newark, DE
Contact email:

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