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Horror Hotel Webseries, 4th episode
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Horror Hotel is an anthology webseries with entertaining tales on the likes of Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Horror Hotel’s 4th episode “Invader” is a Ray Bradbury style sci-fi story about a writer, Joe Silverman, who checks into the hotel to work on his latest sci-fi novel. A power outage on a hot summer night, causes the residents to open their doors and gather around outside. A couple of the nosey residents, Joe Wood and Helen Kravitz, gather outside the room and overhear Rodney Silvers dictating his invasion tale into his hand held recorder. Already suspicious of possible alien activity because of the outage, Helen Kravitz’s active imagination convinces Joe Wood and several other residents, Gerald Boyd and Mikey Bone to join her in a “posse” to confront the writer. Silvers is unable to convince them he is NOT an alien. They shoot him in a panic, then proceed to flee the room thinking they have taken care of the alien among them, but they are mistaken.

We are casting for the role of Helen Kravitz and Joe Wood.

Helen Kravitz This is the lead role. Female, 40’s – 50’s. Helen is a loud mouth, bossy woman. A know it all attitude with an over active imagination. She is a stout woman with a less than perfect figure. She thinks her boyfriend was abducted by Aliens because he left her with no explanation. She has a grudge against them now and is looking for an opportunity to get back.

Joe Wood – Supporting Role. Male, 40’s – 50’s. Balding if possible (we will also look at men who are not balding) He is more on the slender to athletic build type. Joe Wood is normally a quite guy who doesn’t like to make trouble particularly, but he jumps on the alien bandwagon with Helen and further encourages the idea that Silverman might be other worldly.

Job type: Non Paid

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Contact email: debijohess@hotmail.com

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