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Gone Transit
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Cleveland, OH

Actors needed for a non-union short film about a family man who gets into adventures with the colorful residents of Los Angeles when he takes a job as a bus driver.

Casting for the following characters will take place on Tuesday April 24 at 12 pm.

FREDDIE PARKS: A harried family man, Freddie does everything he can to make the money his family needs to survive. He has a rebellious streak though, and likes to play the occasional practical joke and have a laugh at the expense of his superiors at Division 5–behind their backs, of course.

MS. JACKSON: Ms. Jackson is Freddie’s boss, and while she’s the non-nonsense type who gets things done, she has a soft spot for Freddie and often forgives him for his mistakes and mishaps as driver of the bus. She’s tough, but fair.

TWINE: Twine is the ultimate wino; he often doesn’t know his head from a hole in the ground. When he’s on the bus, his flask is never far from him. Despite his drunken antics, Twine can be one of Freddie’s closest allies; he may be a lush, but his heart is in the right place.

STINKY: Stinky is a man defined by his odor. The most rancid, putrid stench you can imagine, his smell has become a legend among the people that ride Freddie’s bus, and they’d generally like to be away from his as far as possible. He’s a good-natured guy, but that stench drives everyone far, far away.

RASTA MAN: Rasta Man is your typical Rastafarian, but with a bit of a capitalist bent; he follows Stinky around and sells his incense, taking advantage of the bad smell to drive his business. When Stinky is around, Rasta Man can’t be far. He can often be seen with a group of Rastafarian friends, who bring music and a laidback vibe to the bus.

Casting Location: Cleveland, OH
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