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Tryout for the game show Oh Sit!

Oh Sit! and the Gurin company, the ones that also brought us such favorites as The Singing Bee and Shark Tank, are now looking for contestants for the new television game show Oh Sit! The show is a comical musical chairs type show where the last one sitting, not standing, walks away with the prize.

Oh Sit! is an action styled game that combines music, high adrenaline phalanges and yes, a few chairs to take a break in between obstacles. The CW will be filming 10 episodes of a new, what they call ‘adult musical chairs’ game show.

20 contestants must overcome 5 obstacle courses to get a chair, those not getting a chair because they did not compete the obstacle course in time will be eliminated while the rest move on as chairs get removed. All this is done to a live band playing in the background – sounds fun!

Forget about being the last one standing, this new show would like the winner to stay seated!

Oh Sit! combines musical chairs and daredevil obstacle courses into one fun gameshow where you had better sit down or get out.

Oh Sit game show now casting

Oh Sit! is now casting contestants for the CW game show in the Los Angeles and southern California area that are over the age of 18 and in great physical shape because they will have to compete in physical challenges in an obstacle course.

The show will be filming in Los Angeles from February 2012 to April 2012. Those picked for the show will have to commit a few days to filming and be able to schedule filming within that time frame in Los Angeles. Currently the show is only seeking contestents from the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

To apply for oh Sit! please email ohsitcasting@gmail.com

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