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location: Canada, Nationwide

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NEW HGTV series in development looking for homeowners with an eccentric, unconventional approach to home repairs.

Are you or do you know someone who is more MacGyver than Mike Holmes?

Do these ingenious home improvements include such feats as rigging crutches to hold up basement stairs, installing linoleum as a back splash in the kitchen, and using duct tape in place of caulking around the bathtub?

We are interested in hearing more about these “unique” approaches to home repairs.

Who says roofing shingles can’t be used to tile a floor, or a potato can’t be used to cap an active gas line or a beer bottle can’t be used as a shower head. Everybody! That’s who! By participating in this new series, our expert host will fix you or your loved ones house for FREE. Who knows, you might even learn a few things!

Send an email to that includes:

1.The story behind your questionable home improvements
2.Photos of each of your eccentric repairs
3.A photo of you and your family
4.Your contact information

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Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Canada, Nationwide
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One thought on “Open Casting Call for a New Reality Series – Canada

  1. Sue Harvey

    SWF age 65 purchased this property 4 yrs ago hoping to help carry me thru my retirement years. Now after a number of unfortunate accidents … concussion, broken shoulder, ripped groin, assaulted by tenant, another head & hip injury all within 2 years I find myself in the position that I have no choice but to rent out my house & live in the shed in the back. I am hoping with your help to convert it into a “Tiny House”.
    The existing structure is cute & sound with loads of potential but the inside is bare bones with only electricity installed. I believe the floor is sitting on bare ground (or in our case – Caledon – probably rock ). The water & septic would need to be run from the house to the shed (probably 40 feet). Because of limited space would be looking at the instant type water heater. The challenge would be making the small space efficient enough to encourage acceptance of the Tiny House concept.
    I have undertaken a number of ?? renos in the past at extremely reasonable cost.
    1) Purchased dismantled partial used solarium (10 x 20) from job site on Cherry Island. Original size 5000 sq. ft. and installed on side of house – cost $8000. For $80,000 .00 addition.
    2) Picked up used engineened flooring from local dump for $110.00. Original price $20,000. Installed in myself in 2 apartments plus solarium and still have enough left to do Tiny House.
    3) All renovation materials – doors, siding etc picked up thru garage sales, kijjiji, craigslist, dump for 0.10 on the dollar
    4) Furnished B & B plus apt in second hand finds
    As an example to seniors who are facing financial difficulties this Tiny House would serve as a great example as to thinking outside the box & still maintain our independence and or not have to move to a third world country such as Nicaragua in order to survive on our pensions that we worked all our lives for.
    I sure could use some help & guidance on this project. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Sue Harvey


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