Open Casting Call for Film – Atlanta


location: Atlanta, GA

Category: Film

Open Casting Call

Trinit-E Films, in partnership with Eyes Entertainment, will be casting for a series of promotional shorts to develop a feature length film project dealing with controversial and racially sensitive subject matter.

Please have a prepared monologue prepared to deliver. Those interested in auditioning please send headshot and resume to Please also express character (see below) that you are interested in auditioning for.

Auditions will be held Friday, September 14th, from 4p-8pm at SCAD Atlanta DMC, 1611 West Peachtree St, Atlanta 30309.

Character Info:

Brad – 30-50, average blue shirt and khakis corporate American white man

Erica – 34, Black woman, edgy brown to dark skin with a slight chip on her shoulder

Fatemeh – early to mid twenties, Persian (or other ethnic Muslim) female, seeking to find herself in the world

Hafez – 52-57, Persian (or other ethnic Muslim) male, protective widow and father of 3 children

Jennifer – Professional Black woman, gossipy type, very racially defensive

LaRonda – 50, light skinned black woman, probably rehabilitated from drug use (but maybe not). Promiscuous and foul mouthed. Alcoholic.

Laura, – 15, Colombian (or other Hispanic) female, virtuous and endearing, bilingual

Luis – mid to late 40‘s, Colombian (or other Hispanic) male, endearing father.

Marcus – 43, Black male, heavy set, robust and jubilant, southern man (Louisiana), discretely homosexual

Maria – early to mid 40’s, Colombian (or other Hispanic) female, maternal nature

Miguel – 17, Colombian (or other Hispanic) male, a little edgy with youthful anxiety, bilingual

Neglected Kid – 14-17, Black teenager, violent temper, product of his environment

Officer J. Higgins – “Officer Joe” type, professional but racially discriminate police officer, stuck in his ways

Rookie Cop/Cop – ambitious to prove himself, anxious for his first solo-arrest

Ryan – 27, Black male, light skinned, very proper and articulate.

Slick Man – early collegiate aged man, sexual predator

Stephanie – mid 30’s “Loretta Divine” type southern belle, heavy set but knows how to keep her man fed.

Thomas – 50ish, attractive white man, PR/Marketing high level executive

Willie – 32, line-backer built Black man from the hood. Recreational user of marijuana and alcoholic beverages.

William – late forties/early 50’s, very well to do southern homosexual masculine white man. “Large and in charge” type

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Atlanta, GA

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