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Rock Salt Theatre Comedy Troupe

Email or Call for an audition slot
Wednesday, May 30th 2012 6-8:30pm at the Mercer County Park Skating Arena
(link to park/directions)
Please park in the lot directly across from skating rink and observe park speed limits.

Audition Appointment via email or phone:
Kathryn Paluscio, Director

What to Prepare:
Please prepare the following: Tell a funny story that lasts exactly 1-2 minutes
The story should:
• Be original and truly have happened to you
• Involve as much body movement as possible
• Be free of profanity, sexual or bodily function humor (this is family-type comedy)
• Show some range of your voice’s volume, pitch and pace
• Be told as if speaking to a large audience
In addition to you own presentation you may be asked to perform some group improvisation, as collaborative brilliance is what RST is all about.

What RST is looking for:
8-12 male or female actors who are over 18 and who can play 25-28 years of age.
Previous theatre experience is not required. Bravery however, is.
All actors will be trained in the specific style of layered comedy, specific to the Rock Salt Theatre.
Actors must be as physically flexible as possible– this form of comedy borders on the athletic.
Casting will be ongoing until all spots filled. Callbacks are possible.

The Comedy Theatre Space:
Shows will be performed in a nontraditional black box space at the Mercer County Park Skating Arena during the off season on a permanent basis. This is a covered, open air space. The time commitment involves all Mondays (for rehearsals) June-October, and shows are Friday evenings 6pm-10:30pm August through the end of October. There is also an optional children’s show on Sundays. This is a truly fabulous opportunity to join and grow with an up-and-coming professional comedy troupe that is planning to take the county by storm! Rock Salt is a family comedy environment, where twisted and zany are in, and disturbing drama is out. We are a mix of “Whose Line”, “Saturday Night Live” and something ELSE which is completely new. So fasten your seatbelts.

There is absolutely no pay or compensation at this time.
You must simply love to do it, for the sake of doing it. If you need a social life, if you want to smile every day, if you want to be discovered, if you want to hone your comedy/improv skills, and if people are always telling you you’re nuts—then this just might be the audition for you.
Once part of the official troupe, cast members are expected to help with set-up and tear down/clean-up after a show as well as some minimal assistance with building or locating props/costumes. Actors may also be called upon to do a few promos to market this new theatre venture. This is truly a TROUPE experience, returning to the days of old, where EVERYBODY does EVERYTHING. Divas need not apply. Director has 20yrs experience/degrees in the field and a long history of successful comedy shows under her belt. The business plan for this new venture recently won 5th in the state for best new business idea.

Auditioners may call or email the director with any questions and RSVP for a preferred time slot .

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Princeton, NJ
Contact email:

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