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location: San Francisco, CA

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Girls Gone Musical
Immediate Release

AutoNeurotic Productions presents: GIRLS GONE MUSICAL, a brand-new
original musical about a brainy college student who’s dragged to
Cancun on Spring Break by her fun-loving sorority sisters. South of
the border, the girls encounter breathtaking Mayan ruins, the evil
after-burn of cheap tequila, and a sketchy camera crew that’s looking
for the next big things. Er, thing. Will the girls remain nice or be
tempted into naughtier territory?

The creative team of writer Sara Faith Alterman (Mortified Boston), composer
Brian Rodvien (The Freeze), and producer Scott Lifton (Mortified SF) have
been busting their beach-ready butts to bring you a hilarious and
poignant original musical that parodies the raunchy reality-TV culture
that is worshiped by American teenagers. Girls Gone Musical will be directed by
Jessica Heidt.

Casting the following roles (Non-AEA ONLY):

SENORITA PANOCHISTA – (Female/ or Male in drag) – ageless. Character
actress/actor with strong mid-range alto/mezzo belt.

TORI – (Female) late teens/early 20s. Pretty, powerful presence. Lead
sorority girl (think Elle Woods) Mezzo/Soprano

LAURIE – (Female) late teens/early 20s, sorority girl Mezzo/Soprano

CORRIE – (Female) late teens/early 20s, sorority girl Mezzo/Soprano

ALEX – (Female) mid-late 20s. Strong pop/hip-hop alto/sop for backing
hip-hop vocals.

BEN – (Male) Leading man, early 20s to early 30s. Bari/tenor 2 with a
rock-quality falsetto. Less musical theater, more Jeff Buckley

JOE – (Male) Antagonist, mid 20s-mid 30s. Cocky, good-looking,
asshole. His big song is a hip-hop song, kind of white boy rapping.
Think Lonely Island.

JAIME – (Male), late teens/early 20s. Nerdy, not particularly
attractive. Not a singing role.

LUKE – (Male) late teens/early 20s.Strong pop/hip-hop baritone/tenor
for backing hip-hop vocals

Need chorus of college-age men and women for ensemble scenes and also
a few one-line characters. Women will all sing an opening number and
in sorority girl ensemble numbers – any vocal range is fine. Some dancing required of males and females.

Saturday, May 12th, 2012 (General Auditions/by appointment only, from


We are looking for actors/ improv performers, rock/pop singers with musical theater
backgrounds. We are also possibly open to comedy performers who can carry a tune.
Please prepare 32 Bars of a Pop/Rock Musical Theater Song.

We begin in late July and will rehearse 4-5 days a week (weekday
evenings 6-10 and either Saturday or Sunday.)

Job type: Other

Casting Location: San Francisco, CA
Contact email:

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