{Romantic Dramedy} Short Film


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We are looking for a fantastic lead actor and actress! The script has been work-shopped with an emmy award winning writer/director from LA.

Shooting is scheduled for one day, catering will be provided.

Synopsis: A young man realizes his best friend could be the girl of his dreams, so he uses a new-found time travel device to find out if she might feel the same way about him.

Please send a headshot / resume / reel if you have one, and we will respond with audition date, time and location.

Job type: Other

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Casting Location:
Contact email: crusader33x@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “{Romantic Dramedy} Short Film

  1. destin monaghan

    Does there have to be a specific age of the character that you are searching for?

  2. Sarah McWilliams

    This is me, I live in a friend zone a lot so I can feel the role of the character and how hard it is to figure out what can or could have been. Like is to hard to wonder what if’s. But, if you knew what could happen couldn’t it hurt you more?


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