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Actors needed for Short Film – Modest Pay
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location: San Francisco, California

Category: Video

Description of the film:

Ella, Maya and Fiona are reuniting for an afternoon. They’re related — but different. For years, Fiona has been away, engineering something in secret that could change the world. Now she wants to show it to her mother and sister… it’s a device called SmartWare.

About the project:

This November, we will create a ten minute short about sisters who employ a futuristic device to save their mother’s life. ‘SmartWare’ will be distributed to festivals, websites, DVD magazines, such as Futureshorts, Slamdance, and Wholphin DVD, and shown to industry contacts.

The writer/creator has produced and directed several commercials, and experimental short films with a well-known San Francisco film collective.

“I am a director of commercials, shorts, and experimental films. I have worked as a special effects artist and puppeteer and have created visualizations for feature films and futuristic apps. I have even built a village in the forest. I recently co-wrote a story that is being turned into a screenplay for a major studio.”

The characters:

1) Fiona (25-35) is a scientist with great passion and intelligence. She has invented Smartware, a brain interface that is about to be released to the world. On a rare visit home, she decides to share it with her family.

2) Maya (20-30) bohemian, creative, and skeptical of her sister’s technology. But after trying it on and being transformed into an artistic genius, she is converted.

3) Ella (45-65) suffers from a mysterious illness that she tries to conceal from her two daughters. She refuses to see a doctor, so her daughters try to diagnose her. They use the same device, a futuristic brain interface, that caused the death of her inventor husband 10 years prior.

Note: An Asian cast is currently in our visualizations, but the project may change if we find actors who are right for the parts.

‘SmartWare’ will be produced on a very small budget, so actors can expect to receive $100 a day. However, the project will be shot on an Epic Red Camera – very good reel material will result.

Join us in crafting this film. Shooting begins mid November. Please have some experience in front of a camera, and send links to a reel.

Job type: Paid

short Film

Casting Location: San Francisco, California
Contact email:

One thought on “San Francisco Film Audition

  1. Mayra

    I will be 20 next week, I want to follow my dream of becoming an actress and this would be an amazing start! I would be great at playing Maya. I wasn’t able to attend the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco due to money issues and a job like this would really boost up my hopes to follow my dreams. I hope to hear from you, I will be checking my e-mail often. Thank you.


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