Seeking Student Filmmakers for a Short – Atlanta

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location: Atlanta, GA

Category: Student Films

Welcome student filmmakers!

Screenwriter is looking for student filmmakers to help create a short (8-10
pages) for a feature film project. This will be a three day shoot. You will help
direct, produce, shoot, and edit the final product and can use for your own
personal reel in exchange for compensation as well as food and credit available
for your time. No pay. The film is intended for the festival circuit and movie
channels on TV & online.

Seeking the following crew members:
Director, Producer, Editor, Camera Operator, Gaffer and Audio.

Genre: Drama –Faith base

Logline: “Forget Me Not” an inspirational family drama that centers on a Mega
Church minister KEDAR JAMES. The JAMES family deals with power struggles,
fame, fortune and betrayal in a church setting.

Synopsis: A new feature length film explores just how explosive it can be when
your past becomes your present. A story of humility before honor. KEDAR
JAMES, a (60) year old man tries to reconnect with his rebellious son JORDAN,
(24) who is disillusioned by his father’s success because of the way he
mistreated his mother. Kedar’s biggest sin was in letting his marriage to his
first wife deteriorate so irrevocably that it not only hurt him, but behind closed
doors it secretly bruised the lives of his three sons. Damaged by the father’s
sins the sons each have a different story to tell and are in need of some good
old fashion spiritual healing. During the whirlwind of controversy, Kedar’s ex-
wife KATRINA returns after years of exile to confront her past demons and to
see her three sons again.

For more information, please e-mail

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Atlanta, GA
Contact email:

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