TV Show Seeking Dynamic/Opposing Siblings With Children – NYC

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location: Within 60 miles of NYC

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TV Show Seeking Dynamic/Opposing Siblings With Children

Have you ever been caught saying or whispering under your breath “If I were in charge of those kids things would be different!” And they happened to be your brother or sister’s children? If so, we want to talk to you!..And your children and maybe even your parents!

Major cable network is now casting a unique, new documentary series seeking dynamic, polar opposite siblings who do not see “eye to eye” with their parenting philosophies. They often beg the question “How did we turn out so differently?! Why do we raise our families completely different?”
Here is your once in a lifetime opportunity to truly unravel the knots of sibling relationships, uncover the misunderstandings, have a blast on a highly respectable network and even get paid….also a great way to showcase your business and/or way of parenting!

Seeking siblings who are complete polar opposites of each other, living in a 50-60 mile radius of New York City and who would love a chance to spend a few days with their own nieces and nephews and put their own parenting skills to the test. If this is you or you would like to nominate a pair of siblings, email your name, location, contact information and a photo and what makes your situation so unique.

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Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Within 60 miles of NYC
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