Should your office have its own reality show?

By | February 21, 2012

A new reality show ‘Office Life’ (working title) is looking for offices that are full of characters to star in their own show. If you have often thought that your office is so entertaining that it would make great TV, this may be your calling.

Now casting offices filled with colorful people and of course some drama. Does your office have the ‘know-it-all’, the brown noser, the hot babe, the prankster, the burnout and a group of other colorful characters? Office Life is seeking offices of 15 or more employees that work in a cubicle type environment in an office building. Office Life is looking for different businesses that fit the above criteria.

The business will be compensated if chosen to participate ion the show.


A new reality TV show, OFFICE LIFE (working title only), is looking to showcase America’s small businesses and their staff.

Iconic Casting is searching nationwide for small businesses employing 15 – 100 employees to take part in the new reality TV show, currently entitled OFFICE LIFE. Casting Directors are looking for businesses that have a fun, entertaining group of office-mates to be the stars of a new show on a major broadcast network. If you are a business owner, a manager or an employee who thinks your business would benefit from national exposure and are willing to let cameras come into the workplace, then this may be a great opportunity to promote and grow your business.

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