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By | October 12, 2012

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location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Casting Call for Let the Music Play

All parts are non-paid, but will provide valuable experience and resume building.

Auditions will be held Oct. Thursday 18th from 5pm to 10pm and Oct. Sunday 21st 11am to 8pm. Email me if you are interested with
your name, contact information, what character you will be auditioning for, and what day as well as times, works for you.
I will email you back with your confirmed time slot and the address of the location in downtown Minneapolis, MN.

Objective: To create a quality short film and submit the film to either a local film festival or other film festival such as Sun-dance.


A recently married couple wrestles with a long kept secret of the wife. The husband finds a music box that triggers an emotional
spiral into the wives hidden past. He finally has to make a determination of accepting the discovery of an ex-fiancé whose injuries
are unexplained. Is their love strong enough to hold the bond together?

-Main Characters-

Karen Ward:
Female, Caucasian, 21-28 years old
Karen is a woman who tries to control her emotions, but can’t. Her emotions change drastically from one moment to another as
if she is Bipolar. She is hiding a secret that she doesn’t want to share with her husband, but loves him.
*Must be comfortable with nudity above the waist or wearing a strapless Bra as there is a sex scene.
*Must also be comfortable with kissing other male actors.

Scott Ward:
Male, Caucasian, 21-28 years old, Average to athletic build
Scott is a man who finds out something he never knew about his wife and is starting lose control of his relationship with Karen
as he digs deeper into her deep dark secret. He loves his wife, but becomes jealous and confused by this mysterious paralyzed
ex-fiancé that comes up.
*Must be comfortable with nudity above the waist as there is a sex scene.

-Supporting Characters-

Roger Demount:
Male, Caucasian, 21-35 years old
Roger is a man who was paralyzed after an accident in which he fell with suspicious circumstances surrounding it. His role is
non-speaking except in a dream sequence.
*Must also be comfortable with kissing other female actresses.

Male, any ethnicity, 21-28 years old, Average to athletic build
Mike is Scott’s best friend who helps him with the struggles of the mystery that Scott finds out about Karen. He is also his
racquetball partner, always trying to keep his head in the game.

Female, any ethnicity, 21-28 years old
Jessica is Karen’s best friend who helps her with the struggles of the issues about Scott and how he is dealing with the ex-fiancé. She is supportive of Karen.

-Other Roles-

Female, Caucasian, 28-40 years old

Female, any ethnicity, 28-40 years old

Female, Caucasian, 27-33 years old

Female, Caucasian, 5-7 years old

Homeless man:
Male, Caucasian, 40-60 years old

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Contact email:

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