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CASTING CALL/character profiles
· Lighthouse/Lodebar Mission Ministries, Inc./Write To Reach Plays
· Show To Be Cast: In The Quiet Whispers Of I Remember When: The Story Of Jarius
· My name is Jarius and, “In The Quiet Whispers Of I Remember When”, I Could Still See It All, That Moment When Time And Eternity Came to Call.
· Producer, Director and Writer, Anthony “Mack” McMaryion
· Karen Cox, Stage Manager, Camille Green Assistant Stage Manager
· Characters To Be Cast:
· Laura: 33-45. Caring, compassionate, concerned and understanding. Real friendly and approachable. Loves God and her family. She have a deep personal relationship with God. Smart, intelligent, articulate and creative. A real friend. (LEAD)
· Jarius: 33-45, He’s a director in the church. Dedicated and committed father, husband and provider. He have a poets soul, a mans-man who lead by example. Good man not a perfect man. Honest and truthful, a very loving, caring, compassionate, giving person. Loves to help people, no one is a stranger. He is always well focused and loves to pray. He is one who think before he speak or act. Always use self control, a leader who know when to follow. Doesn’t live to be seen. He really loves God and his family. Loves sports, the arts, music, being creative, setting goals and achieving them. (LEAD)
· MARCELLA: 18-23, She is a Daddy’s girl, presents herself as needy when it come to her relationship to her dad. She is a strong person, quiet at times, outspoken at times. She loves to pray with her dad at night. She is well grounded, not easily provoked, loving, giving, caring, compassionate and concerned. Friendly, yet cautious of who she let get close to her or be her friend. A thinker, want to be her own person. Eager , enthusiastic, a real go getter. She’s a girly girl, well dressed, very sensitive with wisdom beyond her year. Loves ballet and dancing
· DESIREE: 19-25: She is a care free person, easy going, one who know what she want. She won’t let nothing or no one stand in her way. She is everyone’s friend, someone everyone loves listening to and talking to. She is academically smart, well mannered, well dressed, a real girlie girl. She pampers herself. Ambitious, passion driven by all of the right things and more so by the things she believe in. always smiling and happy, a natural born leader, loving, caring, giving. She loves to dance
· EVAN: 20+: he is truly the ideal son for a father. He loves his mom. He models himself after his dad, Jarius. Very mature, responsible and like to be held accountable. Muscular, strong willed, heroic spirit and heart. Knows what he want and is willing to do whatever he have to do to obtain his goals. A winner who never entertains quitting. Have wisdom beyond his years. Loves God, his family, protects his sisters. He have a lot of courage, strong, resilient, and a true leader. Puts others before himself.
· DESTINY: 8-13: she is a strong person, quiet, smart, intelligent and outgoing. Loves reading, very artistic and creative. She is outspoken at times, adores her dad, stays close to her brothers and sisters. She is caring, compassionate, concerned and do not like to be late. Well mannered, respectful, and a thinker. She is her own person, eager, enthuaistic, self motivated, and a daddy’s girl. Loves sports, arts, science.
· SIMEON: 19+: a person who is often hard, and finds it hard to trust anyone outside of his family. He is often trying to prove something to others. He is always pretending to be alright when he is not. Do not let others outside of his family see his sensitive, caring, loving, giving side. Very overprotective of his family and especially his sister’s. he have a lot of different talent’s, abilities, and gifts. He is learning how to express his self. He is the comedian in the family.
· MIRACLE: 22+: She is what you would call a, “miracle baby”. She wasn’t expected to live because of a illness. She is very attractive, loving, caring giving, concerned and very overprotective of her adopted family. She struggles with self esteem matters at times. Loves church and church related activities. She is everyone’s friend, and think more of others than she think of herself. Very outgoing, one put her head and heart into everything that she does. Will not quit until she accomplish, achieve and acquire the end results that she envisioned. An avid book reader, she loves simple things.
· CAMERON: 8-10: He is very innocent in the way he thinks, the way he see things and understand things. A very loving, caring, giving person. He is often more concerned with matters that only adults should be. He is a mama’s boy in its utmost definition. He loves family outings, games, sports. He is very smart, understanding beyond his age. Some say he have old mans wisdom. Well mannered, and mature for his age. Sometimes he is shy deep in thought. Suffers from low self esteem. Loves his family.
· · DONNA: 18-24: Attractive and struggles with low self esteem. Often feels ashamed and embarrassed because of the choices and decisions she have made. She have high expectations and goals set for herself. She loves hard and give all that she have. She often feels as if she is a failure and have a hard time forgiving herself. She is kind hearted, giving, loving and caring. Often to trusting of the wrong kind of people. Often feels unwanted and lonely. Dreams of one day being a big star. But in the midst of the way she feel about herself, she always says, “I trust God”, I trust God, He will make everything alright. Very creative, resourceful, smart, hard on herself, friendly. Struggles with receiving Gods forgiveness.
· RIKKO: 21-24: Good body build, muscular, creative, multi-talented, and not afraid to try new things. He grew up the hard way. His motto is, “only the strong can survive”. He do what he have to do to make it. Struggles with his identity and is always trying to fit in. Struggles with his self esteem and often trying to prove something to others. Very outspoken, and is friendly. He struggles with forgiving himself for things he have said and done in the past. Often feels alone and not sure where his life is going. Feels ashamed of the people he hurt who cared for him. He often struggles with being a Christian and feels He was raised, “failing” in the church.
· AISHA: 25+: She is smart, intelligent, soft spoken at times and easy going. Out going personality, very friendly, and a great listener. Suffers with low self esteem and with self confident. Often compares herself to others never walking in her own shadows. A very needy person who cling on to her very best friend. Her life have not been an easy one, had some drug and alcohol issues. She is still trying to find out who she is, what she is, where she is and where she is going. She is trying to figure out, “which way is up for her”. Very loving, giving, caring, compassionate and a very trusting, concerned person. She lives in her thoughts, very emotion driven person. Have a hard time speaking up for herself at times. New Christian and is learning how to love god, herself and others.

· GERALD: 34+: Muscular and athletic. A real true friend. Self confident, strong moral values and have a strong family upbringing. A true leader with a lot of wisdom. Encouraging, motivational, sincere, truthful at all times. He won’t let nothing or no one get him down. A fighter and not a quitter. Someone everyone always want to be around. Always keeps his priorites straight. In school he was the guy everyone loved to party with. He is always high spirited, and fun to be around. Went to college got a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
· JARED: 30-33: Open and honest person who always speak his mind. Never think before he speak. Religious and churchy. at times. He’s proud and arrogant at times. Often selfish, self centered, self righteous and loves to self justify what he do wrong. Loves his family and loves to be seen and heard. He is the brother of Jarius but totally the opposite of Jarius. He is an outdoorsman and one who have accomplished, achieved, acquired and accumulated a lot of things and accolades for someone his age. A businessman and a entrepenuer in every sense of the word. Very over protective of His big brother and of family values and traditions.
· JOHN: 33+: friendly, outgoing, caring, concerned and compassionate. He is a strong Christian who knows his god and know his bible. A man with unshakeable faith. Looked up to and respected. Very loving, caring and compassionate. Sometimes he can be, “churchy” in every sense of the word. A very smart person who know how and when to present himself in a different light. Deeply committed to family and relationships. He knows people often take advantage of his giving heart, but he continues to give anyway. Knows his bible and he know his God. He knows all of the church lingo and all of the church clichés.
· PETER: 30+: At times he can be very religious, and still be right in what he have to say. He is always striving to be bigger, better and stronger. Very smart and intelligent. Knowledgeable on a lot of matters. His strength lies in his ability to listen, learn, and be a hearer and a doer. A true prayer warrior and a God chaser. Very humble and knows who he is, what he is, where he is and where he is working diligently to get to. A dedicated and committed friend. He is still struggling to surrender some habits he have to the God. Sometimes he try to hide behind the bible and scriptures when his faults, weaknesses and failures show up.
· JAMES: 30+: Strong Christian and a faith walker and warrior. He knows his bible and he speaks with power and authority. Always happy, encouraging and motivational. Trust in truth and lives out his faith. Loves God, and athletic events. He is a really smart person, who know how to package and present himself. He is for real with his faith and is one who is truly gifted in, “real talk”. He is everyone’s friend, and wants to please God in everything he say and do. Strong Christian, man, and leader. He walk what he talk. Always happy, and smiling.
· PASTOR JAMES: 32+: Strong Christian and pastor. Very articulate and knows how to make the gospel real a reality and prevalent. Very humble, honest, sincere, disciplined, obedient, organized and he think before he say or do something. His live before Christ was a hard an difficult one. He is very understanding and want more for others than he want for himself. He truly have a Shepherds heart. Very charismatic, eager and full of faith and the fire of the Holy Spirit. Mild mannered, well educated, self confident. Involved in civil rights and have a strong command of the scriptures. He is one who is dedicated and committed to the push for excellence in others. He is a man of strong moral values, and believes in family.
· NURSE ANNIE: 25+: Quiet at times, smart and articulate. Loves what she does and loves helping others. Very intelligent, caring, concerned and compassionate. She’s had some bad church experiences and as a result she strayed away from the church. She is active in women’s and children’s movements. She have the job she have dreamed of and she have all of the things that she wanted, but she still feel she is missing something. Stays away from what she call, “God things and events”. She is giving and not trusting of men.
· DOCTOR NOAH: 33+: He is struggling in mixing faith and medicine. He is more of a, “realist” and he really don’t believe in miracles. He believes a person is lucky or fortunate if he or she live or die. He believes in the power of medicine and in his Medical training. He do not go to church and really do not believe in God. He believes in science and evolution. He believes there is a, “higher power”, but don’t acknowledge just what that higher power is. All of his patients love him and his style of administering medical solutions.
· SOLDIER: 18-25. Strong, eager, strong willed. He went to the military for all of the wrong reasons. Comes from a strong, loving, close family. He is very militant, want to do things his way. One who is trying to find out who he is and what it is he want to do with his life. He have a lot of voids inside, and he hide everything that would reveal who he is.
· ANGEL: 17+. Large build, muscular, one who can demonstrate strength, courage, sensitivity.
· FOUR WAILING FAMILY MEMBERS: 15+ various character traits and personalities. Open to interpretation.
· Staging Location: Clayton County, Georgia
· The Production Is Slated To Rehearse: Call For Information
· The Performance Dates Are: TBD
· Other Casting Opportunities: TBD
· All Performers Must Bring a 1 – 2 Minute Monologue And Be Prepared For A Cold Read
· PAY: None
· We Are A: Non-Union
· Call back Dates: TBD
· Contact Information Or To Schedule An Audition:
Email: [email protected]

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Contact email: [email protected]

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