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Audition in Canada Posted by the Casting Director
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location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

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We’re an Ultra Low Budget Indie Production looking for talented and enthusiastic actors to play our characters. We would be holding auditions this FRIDAY JUNE 15 from 5pm to 9 pm AND SATURDAY JUNE 16 from 10 am to 6 pm. We’re schedule to shot this July 16 to the 29. Since it’s an Ultra low budget project, individuals interested in working with us will be doing so as volunteers. This project will help you expand your portfolio as well as be a great networking opportunity.
Food, credit, portfolio piece, DVD and a great experience would be provided! Ideally we’re looking for NON UNION Actors!

“Ancient Lights” is the story of Alexa, who after facing an entire life of bullying attempts suicide. She awakes in this world full of mythical creatures called “Ancient Lights”. With the help of Anara and Anwar, she’ll adventure through this land seeking a way out only to discover that the Lorelei has cursed the world and need’s Alexa to break into the Human World. In order to help the town of “Ancient Lights” and awake from her coma, Alexa needs to find the strength that lies inside her.

We’re looking for the current characters:

Age — 16 (Suggested High School look) (open to 16 — 25)
Alexa is a shy and introverted lesbian High School student who has yet to come out to her friends and family, and tries to hide it from everyone. She is having difficulty accepting herself and her unique qualities and falls prey to the pranks and cruel rejection from the extroverted and “popular” students. She is quiet and yet occasionally blurts things out or reacts emotionally before thinking. Alexa has grown up with the stigma of being viewed as an outcast. Being a constant victim of mean pranks and cruel comments, she seeks refuge in isolation and expression through cutting herself frequently to the point that she has become willing to try suicide. Ashamed of her self-mutilating actions, she hides the wounds and scars from her family, friends and girlfriend. Her girlfriend Rain is the only one who still has the ability to make her smile. Alexa has tried rather successfully to alienate her loving parents, and best friend Mark, and even begins to push Rain away once she learns that Rain will soon move away to a new city. Her suicide attempt sends her into “Ancient Lights”; a violent and beautiful fantasy world where myth, magic, and horror battle for a stake in a new future. In order to help Ancient Light and awaken from her coma, she needs to learn how to gain confidence by loving and accepting herself.
SPECIAL NOTES – Actress must be comfortable kissing another female, simulating cutting scenes and fighting scenes.

Age — (16-25) (suggested high school look)
Rain is Alexa’s girlfriend, out of the closet, and very comfortable with her sexuality, who she is, and what she wants. Rain is sharp, passionate, and daring. She initiated the relationship and is Alexa’s first girlfriend. They’ve been dating for almost nine months. Rain understands Alexa’s fears and uncertainty and tries to be supportive; but being a senior and about to enter college makes it difficult to always be there for the times Alexa needs her most. She knows Alexa’s secret about cutting and feels guilty and powerless about it, as Alexa closes contact when confronted and pressed on the subject. She loves Alexa just as she is, and wishes deeply that she could draw Alexa away from her dark and morbid impulses and live and love freely.
SPECIAL NOTES – Actress must be comfortable kissing another female.

Age — 16 (suggested high school look) (open to 16-25)
He’s Alexa’s best and only friend. They have known each other since childhood/kindergarten. He’s a well-educated young guy. He’s every girl’s dream; a caring and loving gentleman, but the girls his age are not yet seeking to settle down and most take advantage of him. He’s bullied at school for not having enough material resources to “fit in”. They tease him about being sometimes too awkward and gentleman-like and always judge him when he prefers spending time with Alexa; going to the library or a comic store rather than enjoying a beer and watching or playing sports.

Age — Unknown // Looks early 20’s (open to 20-30)
She’s a spirit of the air (Sylph). She’s Alexa’s guide through Ancient Lights and the one who knows Alexa is the one who is able to help them. She’s sarcastic and witty, is very confidant, and has a deadly skill with bows and arrows. She’s part of the few creatures defending Ancient Lights from the Lorelei’s actions. She has been infected with the Lorelei’s curse; an action that made her cut her wings. Anara tries to help Alexa on her quest of destroying the curse but her good intentions sometimes compromise Alexa’s journey since she cannot tell Alexa the truth. It is Alexa who needs to realize her inner strength in order to gain access to her true power and help Anara and the creatures of Ancient Lights.
SPECIAL NOTES – Actress must be able to perform fighting scenes.

Age — Unknown (open to 19-30)
Anwar is a creature with the ability to change form into other persons at will. He helps Anara defend Ancient Lights from the Lorelei. He has a cherubic nature and unique sense of humour. A brave warrior despite his youth, he’ll go to extremes to defend the ones he cares about. Anwar’s mind never stops working and he’s perfectly comfortable with himself.
He can be childish and over enthusiastic sometimes but he has a really good heart. He’s really curious of Alexa and comes to believe she is the one who can help them. He will blindly follow Anara.
SPECIAL NOTES – Actor must be able to perform fighting scenes.

Age — Unknown // Looks between late 20’s and early 30’s (open to 20-45)
She’s a mythical sea witch. Like a mermaid she’s really beautiful but is mean and cruel. She’s cold and elegant, sometimes arrogant. She loves making creatures feel miserable. She arrived in Ancient Lights to look for more victims. She has cast a curse over this world that weakens and poisons the inhabitants’ minds so she can feed on them later by absorbing their inner spirits. She needs Alexa’s soul to become invincible and finally enter into the human world.
SPECIAL NOTES – Actress must be able to perform fighting scenes and be willing to spend up to 3 hours on make up

Age — Unknown // Looks between late 30’s (open to 20-40)
Servants of the Lorelei. They bring the hopeless victims to their master. They’re cruel and villainous, always insulting and destroying everything that crosses their path. Their loyalty to the Lorelei it’s only based on her promise of eternal power in her reign of terror in the human world.
SPECIAL NOTES – Actors must be able to perform fighting scenes and be willing to spend up to 3 hours on make up.

SUBMISSION SPECIFICATION – Please send resume, head shot, role desired and desired time to the address at the top of the page and we will contact you with sides, address and a confirmation time. Only serious inquiries!
Thank you!!

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
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