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By | August 28, 2012

Posted by the Casting Director
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location: Los Angeles

Category: Web series

Dixie Films is casting for THE PHONE ROOM GANG, a comedy/mockumentary/satire web series about a group of telemarketers who work in a phone room in Las Vegas. Jack Truman, Director. Shooting begins this fall in Nevada. Meals, copy and credit provided. There is deferred pay.

Email headshots/pics/resumes to dixiefilms@gmail.com


THE BOSS, loud, mean, rude, crude, aka the boss from hell

THE FOREIGNER, illegal immigrant, does not speak good English, new to America

THE BLACK GUY, likable, good worker, gets along with everyone, but knows how to have a good time

THE ASIAN, not likable, everything is about money, puts everyone down, it’s all about the Asian

THE FAT GUY, extremely obese, nervous and bad on the phone, loves to eat, afraid to lose his job

THE TOP DOG, arrogant, positive, sure of himself, the ultimate star telemarketer who knows his ABC’s of sales

THE NERD, awkward, nevous, shy, afraid of people, terrible on the phone

THE COLLEGE KID, college-aged male/female, works the phone room as a college job for extra money

THE RUNAWAY, teenager, ran away from home, and works illegally in the phone room

THE DOPER, a hippie, always high and stoned, is the drug resource at the phone room

THE SLUT, works at the phone room, uses her body to get what she wants

THE MOOCHER, a loser, always bums cigarettes, food and drink on the job

THE IDIOT, a slow-minded middle aged man, doesn’t know much of what’s going on, sounds terrible on the phone

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Los Angeles
Contact email: phoneroomgang@gmail.com

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