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location: nationwide

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Are you a teenager just dying to put yourself out there? Are you a young actor/actress that’s wanting to act but not knowing what to do with yourself? Well here it is!

Scars is a web series following the lives of various teenagers. They’re all either trying to fit in or fitting in too much.

The main charcater of Scars is Ember, a petite emo girl with social issues. People either hate her guts or feel sorry for her. So she turns to….knives.

Soon she’s dragged into a world no one believes in. a world of Vampires and Demon Hunters and Mythical creatures. She befriends a vampire, and doesn’t find out he is on until later in the show.

I’m sure you’re asking where all the other teens come in. The series is set in various other locations, like you’d see on a Soap Opera or Tv Sitcom. How this works is the actors film themselves and send in the videos to the director to make the final product. Check this out at userbasedcasting.com.

We are looking for any ethnicity and teens ages 13-17. Must be good at acting.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: nationwide
Contact email: [email protected]

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