All Black Female Improv Group – Dallas


location: Dallas,TX

Category: Comedy

I’m a Black Female Comedian in Dallas, tired of the same ol same ol..Looking to put together something out of the norm and different.. Something you dont get to experience or see alot around here..or honestly at all.. Im throwed off,not wrapped to tight and alot of what I say has nothing to do with humor at all; Yet people still think im being funny, truth is im serious. So if you to have atleast 2-3 of those attributes im looking for you. So if you know your special and funny then this opportunity is for you and I’d love to meet you. Now this isnt just to pass time as a hobby. This is about growth and opportunity..I dont know about you but I dont plan on working for anyone else the rest of my life.. Plan on being my own boss.. So hit me up

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