Baltimore Short Film

The Naked Monster (short film)

Where: baltimore, md
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Type: Film

Production: The Naked Monster (Short film 30-45 minutes) Location: Baltimore
Employer: Street Scriptures Duration 2-3 weeks (May 2013)
Director: Tra Verdejo
Casting Call: Sunday May 18th, 12: pm- 6:pm @ The Tilted Pig Bar & Grill in Baltimore Maryland
Movie description: The Story line is based on an African American mother of two who left her cheating husband in North Carolina. When she moved to Baltimore with her mother, she let her single life status get the best of her. She began living recklessly. After one horrific night of partying that left her in a coma, her life and her kid’s future became a living nightmare. You will find out the damaging effects your decisions will have on you and your love ones plus the revolving issues that will continue to destroy their path of happiness.
All Actors will received a copy of the movie and as well as their name will appear in the credits
Female Character breakdown
1- (Female lead role) 18-25 yrs old / African American / 5’ 2 – 5’ 6
Shawna Cooper – This will be an emotional role, must be able to cry and be dramatic.

2- (Elderly Female role) 55 and above / African American
Bertha Cooper – This is an emotional role actor must be able to be dramatic

3- (female role) 26-36 yrs old / white or Hispanic looking female
Counselor Laura- social worker at the hospital

4- (Female role) 16–22 yrs old / African American
Evelyn (preme’s girlfriend) we are looking for a beautiful young looking teenager

5- (Elderly female role) 55 and up / African American
Grandmother Jones- actor to play Supremes’ mother

6- (Female role) 22-32 yrs old / African American or Latina
Pamela- (Preme’s wife)

Male Character breakdown
1- (male rode) 19-26 yrs old / African American / 5’4 – 5’10
Supreme (needs baby pictures if selected) smooth handsome looking brother, playboy style

2-(Male) 25-40 yrs old / any ethnicities size or height
Sergeant Pete Oliver, actor will play the head detective in the movie
Children character breakdown
Preme (10 years old, 15 years old and grown man)
Lil Shawn (4 years old and 9 years old)
3 teenager boys (14-17 years old)
6 little boys (age 7-12 years old)
Prem’s 4 year old son

Extras needed
5-7 sexy females (bet the age of 19 -28 years old) for club scene
Male rape attacker (bet the age of 30-40 years old)
Female police officer (extra)
Elderly female neighbor
4 female nurses
Male doctor

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: baltimore, md
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