A new feel good show “Lucky Dog” is now looking for Los Angeles residents who want to adopt a dog on a TV show.

From the producers of Ocean Mysteries and Sea Rescue on ABC now comes a new Feel Good, Heartwarming series on CBS called “Lucky Dog”. About people, places and families in the Los Angeles area who want to ADOPT A DOG!!
We are searching for dynamic people who want to help rescue a dog from a shelter and give it a good home. Your dog will come to you fully trained by a world renowned dog trainer. No fee for the dog! and you will be on TV!
Please answer the following questions when you email me back.
Why do you want to adopt a dog? What will adopting a dog mean for you or your family? What breeds of dogs are you most interested in adopting? Please send photos of you too and make sure your contact number is on the email!! Hopefully you will get the chance to be on “Lucky Dog” coming soon to CBS!!!

to apply for the show or get more info please email BarlowCasting (at)

If selected to be on the show your new dog will be free and training will also be provided for your new family member.


  1. Debi Sahli

    Hi. I am in Leander, Texas, just outside of Austin. I would love to have a rescue dog of the pittie line. I adore pitties but have a few concerns. My elderly mother lives with me with her small dog (rescue)and I have a blind cat. (Rescue). I would love nothing more than to open my home to one of the most misunderstood breeds. I own my own home with a completely fenced yard. I am a teacher so my summers are completely free.

  2. robin johnson

    I do not understand how to apply for one of Brandon’s lucky dogs. I am an avid fan of his Saturday show and am in desperate need of a dog trained by Brandon, as he is the best dog trainer I have ever seen (in the world!). I am looking for a special dog, a psychiatric service dog as I suffer from bipolar. July 8, I lost my best friend in the world, Stuart, who I have owned for over 16 years. He was an emotional support for me and I need one again. Please respond. I don’t know how to do computers very well. I am at the local library. Please I am desperate and you can ask anyone who knows me what a great pet parent I am. please get in touch. Robin Johnson

  3. Jasmin Vazquez

    Hi my name is Jasmin. I’m 16 years old. I could act, sing, and dance. I love to make people feel good and make them laugh. If you need any questions just email me. I hope I see you soon.


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