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UNDER THE RADAR is a nine-part dramedy web series with extended series opener about a Fugitive Recovery Agent who
is forced to rely on his best friend and former lawman when the apprehension of a 10 MOST WANTED takes a turn for the

MILES BENTLEY (LEAD)CAST: KIYANO LA’VIN (IMDb). Kiyano, who has been been seen on Franklin and Bash, Sons of Anarchy,
and most recently credited for his principle role on FOX’S “Gang Related” plays the lead– a late thirty-something
do-what-it-takes, Fugitive Recovery Agent who was always known for closing the deal– until of recent.

MICHAEL BECKER (SUPPORTING)CAST: LAWRENCE BUCHER (IMDb). Lawrence, The Indie Fest 2012 Award of Merit winner for Best Supporting Actor plays the late-thirties ex-cop, who walked away from the force after his hand was forced to shoot a teenager in order to save his own life; one of which he’s
struggled to find anything left of– until his best friend, Miles, calls upon him to help track down a 10 Most Wanted.

DANIEL McMULLEN (RECURRING) A thirty-plus year seasoned West Coast bail bondsman who thought he has seen it all until having to deal with the recent botched job at the hands of Miles and his ex-partner, Rusty Conner.

KATHERINE McMULLEN (RECURRING) A twenty-something, niece of Daniel who does her best at keeping an orderly office; answering phones, scheduling appointments, and keeping Daniel and Miles from killing each another.

PAVLUSHKA KUZNETSOV (RECURRING) A Native Russian and one-time founder of a 2005 American communication company,
ALPHA-COMM. And not only is he a SKIP being chased by Bentley and Becker, he’s also wanted by the FBI for fraud.

RUSTY CONNER (MINOR ROCURRING) A mid-fifties ex-cop and one-time partner of Miles, who just so happens to fall back
on bounty hunting after being forced to retire due to a Pawn Shop scheme which he was implicated in.

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