Film Auditions in Lakeland Florida


“Masked” Feature Film

Where: Lakeland
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Type: Film

Shooting Dates: May 6th – May31st?
Audition Date: April 6th 2013 ?
Audition Time: 10am – 6pm?
Audition Location: Southeastern University ?
Southeastern University?1000 Longfellow Blvd?Lakeland FL, 33801?Located in the Bolin Building
*(Bring headshots and resumes to audition) Also email head-shots and resumes ahead of time and if available, email any demo reels.?
Synopsis: “In addition to troubles with friends, girls, and popularity, an insecure high school student takes on the role of a superhero after some mysterious pills give him enhanced abilities. Meanwhile, the evil organization the pills belong to will stop at nothing to find him.”??Characters:
Shane Parker- Male, 16, Socially Awkward, Co-Dependent, Intelligent, Hyper Cautious, Scared. Seeks to climb the social ladder, lives a very mediocre life. Longs for adventure, chaos and true independence.
Jenny Mars- Female, 16, Gorgeous, popular, independent, intelligent.
Matt Collins- Male, 17, Attractive, athletic, popular, cocky, proves dominance by bullying others.
Uri- Male, 30’s-40’s, Physically fit and intimidating antagonist who works for the biggest crime lord on the East coast.
Mom- Female, 30-40’s, Independent, Athletic, workout junkie who runs her own exercise gym.
Dad- Male, 30-40’s, Clumsy yet intelligent “stay at home” dad.
Mr. Walker- Male, 40-50’s, Cautious, Nervous, intense fear of germs, Principal of Cherrywood High School.
Rodney- Male, 16, Eager, Deceiver, tries to hide his “wealth” identity from everyone.
Maxwell- Male, 16, Business-like, Ambitious, loves putting on a show and being the main center of attention.
Juan- Male, (Asian) 16, Enthusiastic, Racially confused, Asian-American that is adopted by African-Americans.
Duane- Male, 16, Carefree, Quirky, Fidgety, “Not all there” but loyal.
*Also need stunt fighters!
*extras welcome!??
Looking forward to seeing you all at the auditions!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Lakeland
Please submit to:

One thought on “Film Auditions in Lakeland Florida

  1. Abby

    I just want you to know I CAN act. If you asked me if I can get the part I’ll just say ‘give me the script’. I promise I wont let you down.
    I am Abby Liptak, I’m 11 year old, I have brown eyes, and light brown hair.


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