Free Acting Workshop – NC



Saturday Dec. 21st 12pm-3pm in Wilmington NC hosted by Lee-Lee Williams (Sleepy Hollow) (Eastbound and Down), Tanya Fermin (Christmas In Conway) (Eastbound and Down),J.d. Irwin (Eastbound and Down) and other guest speakers. Also we are GIVING BACK To THE COMMUNITY asking everyone to bring 2 Canned Goods FOOD ITEMS as we are gonna give food to needing families during this Holiday Season.

Event location and address is Flow Fitness Studios 7946 Market Street, Ste 400, Wilmington, NC 28411 for more info contact 910-632-0938 this is a The Meshed Minds Network presents. I’m asking you all to please share this to all networks to all groups to every filming community we want to give back to the community the filming community by doing this FREE Workshop and the overall Community by helping families during this Holiday Season giving foods canned goods. This Workshop is for all (Men, Women, Kids) Lee-Lee Williams is the full season Photo Double/Stand-IN for Orlando Jones on the hit TV show Sleepy Hollow . We look forward to seeing you all at this great event its FREE admission NO CHARGE

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