Los Angeles – National TV Commercial Seeking Couples


TV Commercial for nationwide Jewelry chain

Los Angeles based TV Commercial casting directors, House Casting, are seeking real couple is Los Angeles for a Valentine’s Day National TV Commercial that will shoot in January 2014. There are 2 commercials being cast, a gift giving commercial that is casting couples and an engagement commercial.

They are seeking couple who are 20 to 45 years of age and give off that “we are so in love” vibe. They are also casting a man 20 to 40 who is ready to ask “will you marry me”? CRH the answer.

This commercial is for a jewelry store and talent cast will receive payment as well as some jewelry used in the commercial. The man who is getting engaged and does so on camera will get a free engagement ring.

So are you thinking of getting engaged but don’t have a ring? Here is your chance to do both and appear in a TV commercial doing it!

Please see the casting flyer below for submission instructions.

Casting Flyer for national TV commercial

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