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Red Jonas

Where: Miami, FL
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Type: Student Films

In a world where people can take a pill that lets them experience happiness, one woman becomes addicted to the drug with increasingly dangerous results.

Character Bios

Layla Lewis: (25, Caucasian) A young woman who’s addicted to Jonas, the newest designer drug. She started using Jonas to cope with the loss of her little brother, which she blames herself for. Since she was little she was always an overachiever and once had a promising career in business ahead of her. However, she’s recently been laid off thanks to her listless performance in the office. Thanks to the drug she rarely interacts with the real world, seeing it as a chore. The drive and motivation she once had is all but gone now.

Red (Kat Lewis): (21, Caucasian) Layla’s little sister. After being compared to her older sister for years she ran away. She ended up as a prostitute known as the White Rabbit. When she learned that one of her clients was dealing Jonas, she killed him so she could take his supply and job. Now she’s known as the Red Queen. Even though Layla was never there for her, Red loves and respects her highly. Family and survival are probably two of the only things Red really cares about.

Nick Razkarov: (29, Any Ethnicity) Layla’s caring husband. A pharmacist who’s currently unemployed, he’s secretly started observing Layla’s behavior when she’s on Jonas, hoping to use his findings to convince her to stop using. When Layla is too high to do anything, he’ll sneak out of the house and go to his favorite bar.

Virgil Geitz: (35, Any Ethnicity) Red’s supplier. He takes his job very seriously, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his business is protected.

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City or Location of call: Miami, FL
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