Model Competition Boston


The following is a legitimate project by AsianBoston Media Group…a company with no compromise on integrity. We actually sent our first fashion model, Veronica Farren, to China on May 26th for a three month stay for model gigs in Shanghai. She is doing well.

We are happy to announce a significant collaboration with a big agency in China. Henceforth, AsianBoston will be sending qualified fashion models to Shanghai for gigs!

At this point, the agency is looking for white male and white female fashion models for fashion shows, catalogue/magazine work, TV and web commercials, events, and some potential in movies/film.

Some of the agency’s corporate clients include Dior, Louis Vuitton, Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Folli Follie, Converse, Bobbi Brown, and M.A.C.

This is an excellent opportunity in this beneficial market. As many visitors and business travelers can attest, Shanghai is a bustling and exciting city.

If interested, please respond if you are a white male or white female fashion model, age 16 – 28, and you are 5’7″ or over, serious, responsible, qualified, and mentally and physically prepared for this challenge, and, ready for an exciting adventure!

Thank you.

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