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Models Needed for Web Ads

Location: Seattle, Washington

Type: Modeling

Featherless Productions will be starting an advertising division for Businesses, Actors, Models, and more. Since all trailer and movie roles are paid now we have had to re-tool our business outline to have a stable money resource.

As to the effect or creating a new division we will need to build sample works. We will need actors and models to do volunteer roles for these sample pieces as seen in openings below on Saturday November 23rd. Everyone will get copies of their work digitally. Keep in mind they are unpaid, credited.

Having an advertising division will open up new constantly changes roles with Featherless Productions when we handle product videos, commercials, and ads for companies. As well as, more will open when we need models and actors to help build reels for actor clients. Pay-rate of those will vary based on project. Also, advertising dates will be based on client needs so if they say they are filming during a school day that will not change, unlike our trailers and movies.

Our Sample Package is going to be for a fictional clothing store and we will be making samples for all the different campaigns we could offer. Since there will be many photo shoots for examples of fan pictures and modeling pictures, everyone who is female is welcome to join us that is over 10 years of age, regardless of if they have a speaking part. I would like to have as many different sample pieces are possible so everyone who attends I will do at least 1 photo shoot with, and possibly 1 talking part. There are not roles for people under 10, and there are not male parts.

Actor for “New Item” Sample Videos: unpaid, credited. An actress who will hold up various pieces of clothing, jewelry, and shoes and talking about why they are cute as a new item. At least one opening, willing to have more than one person do these.

Models For “Theme Tailored Shoots” Sample Picture: unpaid, credited. Female models to wear fashionable clothing and do photo shoot. Examples are girls putting on makeup, playing outside in the leaves, walking down the street, and reading books ect. Unlimited openings.

Actors of “Customer Interviews” Sample Videos: unpaid, credited. Actors to pretend to be customers at the store and do scripted interviews outside a building. Unlimited openings.

Modeling Fashion “For New Items Photo Shoots” Sample Pictures: unpaid, credited. I need models to wear (and bring changes) fashionable clothing to do photo shoots outside that are them modeling the clothing they are wearing. Unlimited openings.

Commercial Roles (these are not unlimited, all above ones were) Unpaid, Credited
Teen Girl 1: a girl in her room who wants new jeans, but can’t because she still has nice ones so she covers those jeans (I will supply) in paint

Mother: a mother telling teen girl 1 she can’t have new jeans

Teen Girl 2: the girl who buys the paint covered jeans at the Used clothing store and wears them

High School Girls: 3 openings, three girls who all wear paint covered jeans because they saw someone doing it.

If you would like to volunteer to do one or more of these parts please email me back ASAP at and ask how you can take part in the sample package work day.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Seattle, Washington
Please submit to: by 2013-11-23

This casting notice was posted by: Featherless Productions

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