Online Auditions for teen football player for Lead role in feature Film

By | October 22, 2013

Teen movie audition – Paramount Pictures feature still holding auditions for one of the leads.

A new Jason Reitman (“Juno,” “Up in the Air,” “Thank You For Smoking”) film is casting for one of the featured roles and is now excepting online / video auditions for the part of a 15 year old teenage football player.

Jason Reitman’s film Men, Women & Children just held an open casting call to fill 6 lead roles for teenagers in the cast and is still on the lookout for one more role to fill.

The film will star Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner and Rosemarie DeWitt Movie is casting teens for lead roles! The roles are for teens 15 to 18 in age who are high school students. The film will be begin filming this winter in Austin and continue into 2014.

The open casting call has come and gone but the director hasn’t been able to find the right person, so we hear. He has reached out a little further and is now looking for potential teen actors to submit their video auditions online and through email. Reitman released the the lines from the script that he would like would be actors to recite on video and you can see those below along with the information on where to send your audition.

Reitman released this over his twitter account:

“Need help casting my film! Know a teen football player who’s a quiet thoughtful giant? See the attached script!” Reitman wrote.
He would like people who fit the profile to record the lines for a chance to be cast in a Hollywood Paramount pictures production.

The film will be released sometime in 2014, well, that’s if they can get this role cast. The film “Men, Women, Children” explores family issues in the new digital age of Facebook and social media. It is based on the 2011 Chad Kultgen novel

The role they are looking to fill is that of Tim, a sweet, but isolated football star who now plays lots of video games. Tim is a gentle giant who is over 6’2″ but speaks softly.

Film Script


The film just recently held an open casting call in Texas.

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  1. Keenan Perales

    please cast me as tim. I sent in my audition..


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