Panic Button – New reality show now casting


Reality TV Tryouts New York posted by the Casting Director

Where: The Roosevelt Hotel – NYC 45th and Madison
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Type: Reality TV

PANIC BUTTON is a high-impact, bone-chilling, reality series where a group of select participants become brave subjects in an elaborate and daunting maze. Each week, various COUPLES (FRIENDS, RELATIVES, SPOUSES, ETC) are confronted by the thing that terrifies them most, including: confinement, fear of the unknown, germs, snakes, spiders, or swarming.

The Panic Button maze presents them with four ever-escalating and ever-changing levels of fear.

Only the most courageous will get to the end without hitting their panic button.

Casting this weekend in Manhattan

The show shoots in Toronto, so participants must have a valid passport and be able to travel outside of the USA.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: The Roosevelt Hotel – NYC 45th and Madison

2 thoughts on “Panic Button – New reality show now casting

  1. David Sykes

    Me and my best friend would like to Try the panic room.

  2. Rodnequea Carlisle

    Me and my boyfriend would like to try panic room.


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