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Where: Toronto/Montreal and/or video files & Skype
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Type: Film

Casting for AOTOT

A first wave of audition In New York has resulted in founding 4 actors out of 7 for this minimalist sci-fi deadpan comedy feature film. Now looking for the 3 remaining roles. Must be non-union. Will be shot in Montreal.

-Project is paid 100$ for a 10h workday + 2x 15mins break and 1h of lunchtime.

-Lodging at a motel is included for the period of the shoot.

-Traveling fees included (car or bus).

-Audition time to be determined by responses from this site and others.

-Audition time to be determined by responses from this site and others. Might also be done with video files and/or Skype.

-Shoot to be scheduled according to everyone’s availability.

LG: Caucasian. Male. 30-45 years old. Possible geeky looks yet with a serious and sharp stance. Ideally tall and thin. He’s half a nerd, the information gatherer. Often does live reports of news & events but more in a restrained psychic way than a tv newsman. He’s a veteran and feels at ease with his fellow workers. Gets to the point, dedicated to the cause, very professional but doesn’t need to fake an attitude or put on a business etiquette mask. Very concerned about bringing forth good results, even if not of his doing. Classic standard American accent.
NG: (requires brief nudity – no graphic action). Caucasian. Male. 30-40 years old. New to the group, sometimes on edge, seems to often disagree with the current authority. He can’t intrude too much in the conversations, can’t be rejected and tries to retain his anger and arrogance. But as we’ll eventually learn, he might be carrying a different agenda and must hide his “true” self. Tries to play the innocent as best as possible. Classic standard American accent.

VR: (requires brief nudity – no graphic action). Caucasian. Female. 30-45 years old. Her visage features experience, stature, character and also has a beautiful glow, a charming aura, some could say. (darker eyes preferred). Speaks very little. Emanates something strong by her simple presence. But when she does speak, in private with NG for instance, we realize she has not only more wisdom than all of the men (of the film), but has a very powerful hand on the whole situation. She’s something else and her secrets are very mysterious… Classic standard American accent.
*an important character seen throughout the movie – yet scenes projected to be shot & done in 2 days.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Toronto/Montreal and/or video files & Skype
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  1. Roddi Heatherington

    I’ve been unemployed for a few months after losing 2 of my bars that were paying my bills while I pursued my passion which is acting. I need a break and was on my way but after being recast on heartland, I’ve been lacking in confidence. Being busted broke hasn’t helped. Let me read for something and I won’t choke again. Checked my demo on YouTube. Rod heatherington. Gimme another shot.


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